Thursday, May 19, 2011

Yggdrasil Day

My Ash on the road to Rudston

Loyal followers will know by now that the road from Filey to Beverley and back is my favourite . 
I know every tree and shrub. I did know every pothole. Like Archdruid Eileen and her tealit family late of Husbourne Crawley and now back again without seeming to have gone anywhere I am totally dedicated to the seasons and equinoxes and wild plants in between. I know why the Ash Tree is the number one tree of the Norsemen and Norsewomen. 

*It is nothing at all to do with London Plane Trees. 

It is nothing at all to do with lay lines to Rudston
 or lack of snow on Holmenkollen in May.

The Ash tree is definitely the very last tree to come into bud on the Yorkshire Wolds . It is also the first tree to start turning yellow in the Autumn. This makes it totally noteworthy. 

The roads from Kilham to Rudston and from Burton Fleming to Kilham are lined frequently with Ash Trees. I look forward to seeing them every week on my trips to Beverley to take aged parent to HC at Beverley Minster . I know that Ash is the very best wood for burning too. So I know what to do if I survive past October 21st. 

 The Yggdrasil  of the Rudston Road may or may not have pictures of its cousins in the Oslo Radhus but it is on a pre-viking road within spitting distance of the site of a Roman Villa .

One thing that  would never have been on the Kilham Road in the Ist Century AD would have been a row of Potatoes. These were calling to the skies 'Please ! rain ', not nearly as much as the wail from the field  south of Kilham the rows there  were calling 'Please! Please !Please !Rain'.

* My Aged Parent has not believed me until today . I told her that the reason the bark of the trees outside her front door looked as if it was peeling was a design feature, and that the trees were London Plane Trees DEFINITELY. She only believed me today as the flowers and leaves are identifiable .


  1. London planes are a wonder. In the days of sooty pollution the trees were self-renewing, shedding their filthy bark and keeping themselves clean. Amazing things.

  2. I agree with the archdruid, London Planes are really wonderfull. I used to work in Greys Inn Road in London years ago and walking in their lovely Oxygen-filled shade was a sort of Oasis from the traffic fumes in Summer.
    Ash trees too are beautifull and can reach immense heights. As you said though, their season is a short one.
    Lovely post Margaret.

  3. London Planes-When I started work in London as a baby teacher I too was entranced by them Ray. Its funny to think that what I thought was a feature of London alone and thereby exciting for me in 1968, was already growing near my own home. My AP loves to look at the trees around her and so my own pleasure has been re-kindled.