Monday, May 23, 2011

Organised Chaos

Thriving gold medal  hopefuls 
Organised Chaos-Well that's how  a visitor described our garden last year. We are watching that awful man again . How he spoils the Chelsea Flower Show for me. I would rather have Christine with her jumper bought over 20years ago in M and S.  And how do I know that?  My spouse has the same one, and its still in the drawer, he too just loves it.  Carol Klein has another fascinating coat and rhododendrons are in again. I hope they are not going to do any silly banter like  last year. If Tony Buckland had been left to his own devices  on Gardening World I'm sure we would have taken him more to our green hearts. What he actually says makes good sense.

Back to the SHOW , our Chaos would never win a  even a tin medal unless the attainment criteria were altered. I think there ought to be a new reality show on BBC  called My Garden, where people talk about their back gardens in Middlesborough and Canvey Island, Slough and Iona. It would not lessen the attraction of the RHS Chelsea  as seen by the  Beeb.

I lose sense of all time when Im gardening. C and I sit with cups of tea and The Times in the greenhouse , and call it gardening.  When he's at work I have more freedom. I can be ruthless as long as I hide the ruthless at the bottom of the brown Bin .  
We have a mediterranean  room in our garden , a vegetable garden  , a woodland garden, a national collection in waiting, a  sort of alpine garden , a lawn containing interesting species , and a gravel garden. Its amazing how it all fits in to a space 45'by 20'.

It is also a place of miracles. My sister has given me  Tropaeolum speciosum at least 4 times and I have never got it to grow higher than 7" and then die. So Susan look at this-the little green dot on the left. I have removed it to the antichamber of the greenhouse. I am going to talk lovingly to it and plant it in a more perfect spot.

Next year you could take your inspiration from the A614 Driffield By -Pass

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  1. Folks out there : please just look at the lupins as you whizz past .