Monday, May 29, 2006

Sunday, May 28, 2006

A city on the East Coast

Kingston upon Hull is a great place for a weekend.Now that the ABC (remember David Whitfield and Gene Pitney) has been knocked down it is so much more convenient to stroll to Albion street past the One World Shop, and then the Chinese supermarket and get a bus somewhere. How about the 115 to Newland Avenue-do the second hand book shop have lunch in the veggie cafe behind Skeltons .
Then wander down Marlborough Avenue and see if the Post Office in Hardwick Street is still there or check out the Tenfoots, or is that tenfeet.
Spend the evening at the New Theatre listening to 'The Marriage of Figaro', (Opera North) in English , in the stalls of course, see the geasepaint.
Stay at Madam Claphams and have a really clean room with a proper bathroom , not a cut out corner borded in, eat a Full English with great service, no brown bread. Then stroll on across the square, into a Sunday with no school Monday to ruin your enthusiasm or a later Heartbeat. Walk past the remains of Queens Pub and across the end of the Technical College. Remember your mother once took the car and put it in that multi-story when it was first built and then forgot and went home on the bus. On down the staithes along the river. Have Parish Communion at Holy Trinity , and Thank God for preachers who tell it as it is.


Thursday, May 25, 2006

Thank God for Chelsea

Really awful days at school do not last long. Have been cheered up tonight as this evenings hour of the Chelsea flower show BBC TV offering has raised my spirits. Thank you Carol Klein- you are a natural. I loved watching you, interesting , informative , opinionated, and I feel I want to know more about some Thistle called Cirsium. A natural educator, and why ----you love your subject. I am going to have a good day tommorrow, I love Escher, I am ready to tessellate , look out YR6.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Two days to go to half-term. How many of us are thinking this-we happy breed. Sitting here in my quiet and cluttered sitting room , organising my favourites and listening to the rest of the household snoring in front of the TV I cant free my mind from school. How sad is that. Have decided to follow the conventions of 'The English Patient' and do all that Literacy tells you not to-so punctuation in this blog is going to be Level 2a at best, in it you will find my best non-agreement of verbs and I will spell words as they sound or as my memory servres, yes thats serves. Fruity Friday, thats a laugh.