Monday, August 11, 2008

Bodens of Filey

According to the Sunday Times 03 08 08 , Johnnie Boden dresses Middle England, and Boden Man is now showing at (and I love this bit)-'Filey, which is more bijou than Bridlington and less scary than Scarborough'.
Now it so happens that I know for once what the ST is talking about. I listen to my progeny discussing catalogue shopping , Primark, Millets , striped and cotton garments, fairtrade,organic and option excess. I know that one set of progeny's progeny have a resplendent set of garments from the Boden Catalogue for their Filey Beach Holiday, this is the set from beneath what Samson calls the 'great divide'. Scarborough set of progeny's progeny mostly wear Tesco or Sainsbury stripes, differing from the Boden stripes by approx 3mm and £25.
When I was a slummy (ST) mummy beneath the great divide, we didn't have Bodens but we had its forerunner, Clothkits. They dressed Middle England then.
And as for Bodens seen in Filey, the ST is right and wrong: they were here long before Johnnie.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Facebook 3 or 4

I do not have to apply for a job again. I am the satisfied recipient of a S.... P......, and a T....... P........, and those letters are red letter days now on my St. Catherines Hospice calendar after my birthday and Ascension Day (my favourite RLD).

I do not have to think up clever things to appeal to prospective employers looking at my Facebook page. I have been investigating, and have come to some conclusions, Facebook is not the Truth. The real people behind the profiles are rare, and all over 60. We do not have to impress, we can be ourselves.