Thursday, August 31, 2006

Cheap Thrills

Last day tomorrow, not counting weekends, so I can report that the highlight of the the six weeks for me, was yesterday, as sibling 'Hullteacher ' calls me to the Buddleia to view the moth we have been hoping for . The day flying Humming-Bird halk moth is a breathtaking sight, better than the all the holiday DVDs, the Sparrow halk last week in the garden, the cloudspotting over the North Sea, the Hockney views of the wolds, and the half price tickets on the clothes in Cinnamon (Burgess Hill).

Monday, August 21, 2006

High tea again

First grandchild has her third birthday tea today. Busy grandmother has put everything on the dining table to tempt the palates of three under threes who do not eat artificial colourings , preservatives , sugar before savoury, and are organic. Four adults , parents to under threes, two grandparents, one great grandmother , one great aunt, and a ringing telephone are in the dining room. Recap -three high chairs and everything to spread on bread, a mushroom flan from the Italian vegetarian cookbook 1987, pork pie for the father of the birthday girl, and a last minute mango when all is refused, are sitting in splendour amongst doilies . Great grandmother opens bag to place on banqueting table her own ham sandwich, in foil and cling film, and a tiny flask of tea. She has ,very wisely in her eyes, read the health and safety manual for aged parents , and carried out a risk assessment to avoid getting a tummy upset.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Feeding the five thousand

Exactly half way through the summer break and I have just wound down. The weather has changed of course, the rain is bringing a great crop of slugs, and perenniel weeds like nettles just to thwart my bare hands as I make my way to the compost heap with the peelings. I forget to tell you, I have had so many visitors since the last day of term, that all I have done is load the washing machine , the washing line, the fridge, and the dining table. Today three toddlers sat in high chairs eating, ham, cheese, salad, bread(a week old) and butter and (oven) chips, kiwi fruit (sliced) and buttered toffee bread and I realised that High Tea deserves an immediate revival as it takes no time to prepare and all the old contents of the fridge are eaten at one sitting.The adults were delighted, their progeny spoiled for choice, and Grandpa thrilled to recall a bygone Sunday era. I might just make a Madeira cake next week, and clean the silver teapot.