Tuesday, October 31, 2006

All hallowes eve

I am celebrating All saints Day tomorrow. It is when the Christian church remembers saints who 'have gone before '. Our faith community believes that true believers are all saints, belonging to the crowd or host of witnesses. I have been thinking of Mary and Robert Fuchs , neighbours of ours when we lived in London in the seventies and eighties. One day I will really tell of their tangent to my circle. If I ever have to thank anyone for helping me to grow in my own faith, it will be that hungarian couple. They lived completely by faith , and shared all they had, time, food,washing machine, encouragement,advice and support in prayer. It will be documented. I have just read the astonishing book "The torn veil" by Gulshan Esther, still in print after over 20 years. Mary and Robert's story was just as astonishing. How many of us can say we have met people who were truly Christlike, and why have we not written it down.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Scarborough Choral Society

A treat was missed by hundreds yesterday. Eldest child and I went to Westborough Methodist Church to listen to the choral society's offering to the year of Mozart celebrations. Choir about 50 , audience about 40. Evening fantastic. Soloist Rachel Jagger talented and charming. Where are you , MUSIC LOVERS OF THE EAST COAST? Are you all watching 'Come dancing' or having a bevy or three in the sitting room with a DVD. You were not on the streets of Scarborough, only teenage laddettes, wearing bra tops, were out and about.
I dare say that now that Simon Cowell has discovered Choral singing , it will get as popular as ballroom dancing again. Remember you heard it here first.