Sunday, November 03, 2013

Use it

 Everyone through the automatic doors triggers a counter in Filey Library. NYCC can then tell just how many people are using the facility. I do not want Filey (6500pop) Library to close. I do not know how nearby Hunmanby (3100pop) manages without theirs now . So I am urging everyone to use their local Public Library and Information Centre, your feet make the stats. Filey Library and I C is responsible for all I do online. For in 2000 I was helped by librarian  Chris Robinson to do the BBC WEBWISE course on How to e mail , that got me started. Our local library runs my Reading Group, and  is a place of real calm even when really busy. Its where one goes for 
  • Bus Timetables
  • Maps
  • Which online
  • Books
  • use of the Printer
  • Computer courses
  • a coffee after the Doctors or Tescos
  • local information 
I just cant imagine not having access to my local library so I am going to make sure I trip the censor as often as possible.
Beverley has some something which needs using too . Visiting aged parent on Friday , and walking from the Station to M and S for her Small Farmhouse White I found pounds of Cooking Apples that had just fallen from a tree in an open space. Thank you !Beverley!