Monday, November 29, 2010

Westminster Central Library again

The system works brilliantly.  The librarians are trained  to deal caringly with the likes of me. I sort of remembered how to log on and book a space for  time on a pc. I have my laptop at the flat but cant pick up any wifi spouse walks on quickly when I spot a Starbucks and remarks that coffee is not good for him, so I dont bother carry the heavy thing around, the Toshiba I mean.  I have dropped so many hints about Macbooks and Iphone4s.
This system working brilliantly involves just membership of this library, and remembering to bring my card with me at all London times, so it is next to my bus pass which is next to my heart in my Paramo. Spouse is sitting right next to me  but at the other side of a glass panel inthe Reference section.  He is lovely and warm. It is cold by town standards.
I have checked my Google Doc which tells me of the progress of our Parish Online Advent calendar on the Filey Parish Blog. I now know that I dont have to agonize over the postings for the first week , as my co-workers have updated the Doc and we are ready to go on December 1st.

Spouse is happy now , we have got out a DVD. It is called Legion. We were able to get it out on  My ticket as well for £2.50-much cheaper than Harry Potter at the Chelsea Cineworld. So he, spouse of course can follow up his love of the book The Fall by Wendy Alec, which he thought was a brilliant book, and I feel happy as I have caught up with my online  life. All happy then, I just have to check the twitter traffic, and my e mails, He is happy, I am happy and we are on with the rest of the day with our bus passes and free maps.

So please DO NOT SHUT LIBRARIES -they are helping in keeping my life running efficently , and adding to my WELLBEING.

Friday, November 12, 2010

I got an Echium through the winter

This years Echium Pininana seedlings about to brave the Filey winter.
The newish  Facebook Platform for groups has defeated me. For 3 years now I have enjoyed interacting with people all over Europe with my group 'We got an Echium through the winter'. I just cant work out how to access it or add my latest pictures to it , even though I have filled in all the relevant 'this is my group ' dialogue boxes. So I am just going to have to post my pictures here on Bridteacher, and send a message to everyone  . 

I will try again to find it next time I am upstairs on the Mac. At the moment I should be getting food cooked for Parish Sundae, but  got sidetracked on to Twitter in the sitting  room . It was only the work of a moment on the laptop to upload a few pictures of my Echiums  before the frosts take them out.  This year I have not weeded any seedlings out , in the hope that I will indeed get one through the winter.

Note to self
E.Lusitanicum , E. pininana x wildpretii , E.fastuosum  All in garden

E.russicum in flower,E. fastuosum 

In Greenhouse

E.pininana x wildpretii
E.Boissieri-Ist Year
E.Pininana x wildpretii

Yet to flower-E.Boissieri,(yr1) E. fastuosum(yr3) E.italicum (yr1)

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

I have just done a Quiz---

To see what sort of Theology influences me h/t  Lesley's Blog

You are neo-orthodox. You reject the human-centredness and scepticism of liberal theology, but neither do you go to the other extreme and make the Bible the central issue for faith. You believe that Christ is God's most important revelation to humanity, and the Trinity is hugely important in your theology. The Bible is also important because it points us to the revelation of Christ. You are influenced by Karl Barth and P T Forsyth.

Neo orthodox
Evangelical Holiness/Wesleyan
Classical Liberal
Reformed Evangelical
Roman Catholic
Modern Liberal

I am happy with that! A bit of everything! If you want to do it -you will find the link on Lesleys Blog.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Reply to concerned progeny

Dear Children,
I am perfectly OK Thanks. My middle of the night rant was only that-A Middle Of The Night Rant. When Insomnia breaks in on the night, creep on with the night  or surprises the night your mother has strategies in place to overcome and defeat the nuisance. 

Sometimes , as you may find for yourselves,  thoughts running around ones head, in the small hours, may be seen with the dawn to be both a dawn of realisation ,and then  a full sunny day of confirmation follows. In the middle of the night everything may  seem doom laden and ones thoughts may be irrational. I have no idea why this is. When a very dear friend of mine was depressed, getting out of bed was the hardest task . But when , and as she followed simple routine tasks she began to 'feel' more able to cope. By lunchtime she was able to face the day. 
I appreciate your need to see if I was OK. I am thrilled that you are reading  my weblog. I will try to remember too that you have  no idea of what I am speaking when I mention the Anglican Church.  I will condense my thoughts here for you.
Your father and I go to an Anglican Church in Filey. We are not always happy with the way it functions as a Body  but do not want to drive 10 miles away to worship at Christ Church Bridlington or even 3 miles to All Saints Hunmanby.  We feel that we should go to our local Anglican Church. Dad and I would go to any other church in Filey where we felt comfortable and are not hidebound even by Denominations. To us a church is a place to keep out the rain, with somewhere to sit down, so that we may get together with others who want to worship. 

My rant , and what had been keeping me awake , was the state of the Anglican Church  as corporate and global  organization. Things are going on at the moment which are not only very upsetting and confusing but also nothing at all to do with God.  We belong , children ,to what is known as a broad Church.  This in my mind has always been a STRENGTH.
St James, Sutton in Holderness, Ripon Cathedral,  St Michaels Southfields (where we worshipped with William Fittall, who is now  top man organizing the Anglican Parliament -called General Synod ), St Martins Dorking were all places where I have worshipped  for seasons in my life. They were as different as Primark is from Peter Jones, and yet I remember only my growth as a person on my Life Journey, and the fellow pilgrims who made me welcome, and/or helped me make sense of it. 

Children, at the moment we need a REFORMATION in the Church of England, ie another mighty shake  up. Nothing to do with Henry VIII, but more to do with Martin Luther. My spiritual Leaders just need to be thoroughly in love with God, to be soaked in the Bible, to be full of the Holy Spirit who will lead them in to all all truth, and to believe all that Jesus did. He believed in the devil- and never said anything about gays or women , but just lots about holiness and devotion , simplicity and the essential 'I am the way, the truth, and the Life'. 

So , Children , I know you hate it when your mother goes on about God, but that is why I couldnt sleep. That and because in the middle of my insomnia I actually forgot to pray.

God Help us!
With love Mum

Friday, November 05, 2010

Insomnia Blog 2

My mind is still swimming with the brain activity of the day.  The social stimulating spiritual  event of the week is over. I may put my sad life back in its boring box and wait until the day dawns and I remember it is the day of my next reading group. 
 Is that it?
Is Tweetdeck my best friend?
 I am waiting around in the hope of sleep and some sunshine remembering a day where a PCC meeting was the highlight? 
 If I name drop people like William Fittall will I suddenly become vicariously famous ?
 Are we having Kedgeree for supper  this evening ? 
Will Rev Dr Lesley Fellows become a bishop? 
Does  Archdruid Eileen like Parkin? 
Why do my children think I am a bit down? 
Why can't Filey have some decent classes on Archaeology or Art Appreciation?
Will a bowl of Rice Crispies Help?

Will anyone notice if all the Anglican Christians in the world start worshipping God for a change and reading their bibles?