Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A bit of a blogger

On this very day 5years ago the Blogger Platform befriended me. It took me another 2 years before I managed pictures.  It took me longer to do scheduled posts . It took me until 2008 before I started to get followers and comments. Next came Linkwithin. I really like that, and got the idea from Revd Lesley  's blog.  I was on a plateau for a while and then I thought I would have a go at blogfeed. I got the idea from the VC.  I then made  a giant leap . I changed the name from Bridteacher to Fileygardener. After all, I have been a homegirl  in doors with Come Dine With me and the cat for 3 years now. Bridteacher gives the idea I can get more Windsmoor and afford Protect and Perfect for wrinkles,  and lots of holidays. 

I have  changed headers a few times. This above  is my favourite. I loved the ridge and furrow on the Country Park  this December past. When the Spring came  I had a crisis. I didn't want it to be always Christmas and never Summer. I tried and tried , but there is just no way I am Annie Leibovitz . None of these work. I will wait for some flash of inspiration . You are left with a Temporary Measure.

I have started tags.  I have no idea what they are for but other bloggers seem to use them. I don't want to be left behind in the technological rush to cyber nirvana.
I wonder if I'm brave enough to dip my toes in the the WordPress pond. Or shall I do a St Aiden to Abbey Manor, though that is much missed. I'm not inviting comments really , these are all rhetorical questions. My sister in Congleton will tell me when she's had enough, and my Aged Parent is dining out on what she knows about her daughters website thing, especially when it mentions her and Beverley Minster. Spouse has learned to scroll down and use the arrow keys. Daughter no 1 keep saying there's a blog Mum in there somewhere and she and her father will do meaningful glances. Daughter no 2 says I can do what I like, but no way can I talk about her and her family. She has not forgiven me for the Bodens one. No I son only reads the cats blog.

Happy  5th Anniversary to me. I see that today is what I was taught to call Empire Day, but that's gone ,as not PC , except my small one , but note with some relish that as Commonwealth Day which replaced it ,this years theme is
2011-Women as agents of Change


  1. Well done you. Congratulations on 5 successfull years.
    You have acquired so many of the additional tricks I really must try to emulate your example.
    Keep blogging and I'll keep reading!

  2. Happy Anniversary - well done - 5 years? Respect!!! I like the picture at the top btw.

  3. Congratulations from Congleton sister.
    Dont give up ! I will keep following . But I can not follow in your footsteps ! Witty ? Articulate ? I dont think so ! !!!!! x