Sunday, May 08, 2011

Food for Free for the End Times

Last weeks post has got me thinking, rather  Doomwatch Moments. I have been thinking about what would happen to me as the food provider in this Filey Establishment known as home if I couldnt buy anything because I refused to take a microchip inplant whose Code reader included the numbers 666. Just letting my imagination run of course. So I am stocking up on bags of dried beans in my mind. I am getting water from the springs in the Ravine, and boiling it on the Morso Squirrell, which I will have fuelled with all the wood I find in skips in Arthurs Asphalt. I am re-reading , just as part of my End Time plans you understand, my well loved copy of Richard Mabeys innovative book Food For Free, which I bought in 1973. 

So for lunch today , with the Chicken and Leeks  and new potatoes I  treated us to some delicious Chickweed greens. They tasted just like spinach. We always have a good crop around the oleander in the greenhouse. It steamed up a treat,  served up with some bacon: tastes like spinach, would have been better picked last week , as stems a bit chewy

I am on a roll now. I am going to try the stems of Alexanders, and thanks to tonights edition of Countryfile think Japanese Knotweed Rhubarb substitute could be interesting.
I am going to try a row of Good King Henry now.  I have ordered a packet from Chiltern Seeds. I just love the linnean Chenopodium bonus -henricus. That has to be the best name for any plant. It beats my other favourite Capsella bursa-pastoris, and I leave it to you to remember your Latin lessons.


  1. Best of luck. I trust you have an asbestos lined stomach?

    While it is certainly true that many weeds are edible, I think I'd prefer to employ a food taster just to be sure.

  2. I will send food parcels to your spouse whilst you experiment.