Thursday, February 25, 2016

Spray Can Mural

Would someone please tell me where this great mural is hiding ?

Just found it on Google Images by searching for SoHO.Its in Posterngate .

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Not being thankful

I'm pleased with myself. I've put all my OS Maps in numerical order and the right way up. I have very many more maps ,I love them . When Kirsty asks me what book Im taking on my Desert Island I am going to ask for the complete set of OS Landranger Maps.  I wouldn't mind a set of the Old 1 Inch to 1 Mile  as they take up less room . The OS have just released a digital map of Mars. I want it but don't need it. I am trying very hard not to buy books and maps . Google Earth is great , online text is sort of great , but one cannot replace the feel of paper , or parchment in the case of the Laws of the land, and hand crafted Title Deeds . 
I've enjoyed sorting my maps. Its a perfect wet weather occupation when spouse is watching Come Dine With Me or Rising Damp . I am near enough to hear that he's watching a re run of a re run of a re run, but far enough  away to be still a companion . So  S A D have I been, even with Brazil Nuts, that I have actually resorted to tidying and filing . Thankfully when it stops raining I  take my compost Bin Veg and fruit peelings  to the Allotment and sojourn there awhile in the Greenhouse looking at my rows of Leeks and Shallots and Garlic, and wishing that the Saffron Crocuses would look a bit more like the £12  I stupidly paid for them in my insomniacal spree on Amazon . Yesterday I took Cleo the borrrowed Westie up on the Country Park for the afternoon in the sunshine and sodden grass and deep mud. I looked over the bay , and saw such a change in Carr Naze as the winter erosion has deepened all the Run -off -gulleys in the Boulder Clay .

It wont be long now , well 3 months only , before I start my 2016 Plant Surveys again for NPMS. By then my allotment will be working hard to supply our vegetables , fruit , flowers and sanity. I will have got past this Doldrums period, where all the books I've read have been boring *.

For the last 8 months the furtherest I have been is Sutton in Holderness just 38 miles away . I have never been so near home for so long. Its all part of being a dutiful wife to a dear man .He cannot go anywhere much at present until the NHS either treat him or say NO to treatment . We can then get on with our exciting Life Together.   Small jaunts to exhibitions in London are perfectly manageable but trips abroad no longer are , and wild countryside and windswept Scottish Islands are a memory on Picasa.
So I've been and bought a map of Herefordshire. I've never been .  I've convinced spouse that the Mappa Mundi will be interesting and we can take some bus trips on our Passes along the Wye and Lugg valleys. Well be fine in the  Premier Inn, and I can get us there easily  with 2 changes on the train. My first Deputy Head at Belleville Junior Girls School , the redoubtable Miss Midwinter, came from Hereford and as this young teacher was jetting off to Norway and Austria she told me how lovely it was in her home county  , and I have remembered.
1972 revision

1989 revision
And here a puzzle for you if you too are BORED with Feb .Two Landranger maps of same area, my old one from 1970s and new one from 1990s.

*I've read 4 of the British Library Crime Classics so lauded in the press. They were OP because they were awful  , why did no one tell them , a case of the Emperors New Clothes of fiction .

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Filey and the Social Media

I was just talking to our Filey Library manager Ann Colling on this National Libraries Day. Ive just done a #Thunderclap for the day and amazed I even know what it is. We were remembering how we started on the internet. She like me spent lots of time in the Evron
Centre in Filey in the early noughties doing all the Computer courses  going , when Gina Robinson was the manager, and Win and Paul the trainers. I romped my way through Text Processing, Word Processing, Publisher and WebPage Building with Frontpage with hundreds of others from Filey who needed Skills for work . I found that my very first certificate in Jan 2000 however came from Filey Library. Its the BBCWebwise certificate for learning to use the internet. The librarians at the time  helped me to get my first e mail Account , and its the one I still use. In folder on my email account , I have the very first email sent to me by my son 4 months later in April 2000. Ann and I were saying just how far we had both come in the cyberworld, both in the world of Social Media, she doing the Tweets for @FileyLibrary, and me doing the Tweets for @FileyParish as well as Facebook Pages and Groups.
I follow this Filey Nature Facebook Group for  updates
Here on the Social Media I learn new jargon daily .That doesnt mean I use it. This is my first and last LOL. It has different meanings and I don't want to sign up to one of them. A long time single friend of mine said she  was ready for love again and her children told her not to 'go on Tinder Mum.'   I did really laugh out loud at that one, firstly because she is in  lots of networks and will  find a new relationship I'm sure, but more because I actually knew what the Tinder site was. 
Some people try and hide their lack of knowledge  by decrying Facebook and Twitter . I wonder if they would have waited 20 years before getting their first Telephone or TV sets? Most people however that I talk to in my circles in Filey, use the internet to some degree, maybe Skype their relations abroad and look up the best deals for Electric Kettles before going to buy one in Dixons . I was upset to be hoist on my own petard the other day when I was cross that one can no longer buy Premium Bonds at the Post Office . I had to break my own rule for not shopping online for amounts larger than £20 ,seeds from online Seed Catalogues, or booking a room on Premier Inn as I had to buy my bonds online from my Sitting Room having first registered and waited to receive the confirmation Letter and PIN. A palava indeed when Filey Post Office is so convenient and the staff helpful,now that  they realise I do not want to be asked if I  want anything else, Thank -You !

Filey Library and the ALC in Evron Centre (January 2016) run Computer classes. Anyone with an 8yr old Grandchild has help to hand for getting started too, as I'm told that in Filey Junior School classes network together on their Chromebooks, or are on Utube at home learning to update their MineCraft skills. My grandchildren receive discipline now , not by being sent to their room as I was (though loved as could read) but by  having the wifi switched off in the house.That will only do until they have 4G on their smartphones, when they get them !
How many of us in #Filey love seeing the BBC and ITV weather pictures tweeted from Filey like those of  @rich_cowling  , and many of those in the Tourist Industry here, a staple of the economy, tweet pictures showing the beauty of the bay with a link to their Cottage for rent .
 8 years ago when the @FileyParish and @Filey_UK twitter sites began, only a handful of Filonians used the app at all . 
Simon Rudiger who had been in the Web developing  industry before working in Filey Parish for 18 months  until 2009 ,trained me into all I know for FileyParish Facebook and FileyParish Twitter and FileyParishBlog (now archived but receiving 100s of hits a day ) . His advice still resonates loud and clear to me about broken links and clear guidelines for SEO (Search EngineOptimization), and using real names rather than avatars, and making sure pictures of FileyParish showed people  ,not Buildings. He did not overwhelm me with technobabble and cascading style  sheets, but like all good trainers kept it simple. 
Now we have Natalie Bosomworth and the FileyBay Today magazine. She uses Twitter and Facebook effectively, and has managed to get FBT a great  website (some in Filey would never pass the Paul Nash test) . 
Together with Twitterers like @Filey_UK 2600 followers, and @OfficiaFiley with 1700 followers , interest groups on Facebook and Twitter continue to grow  . 
Some of the best are @fileybirder, Mark Pearson, whose articles are often in FileyBay Today , and 2 of my favourite Favourite Facebook Groups FileyNature , a public group, and the have to join, but fantastic Photos of Filey Old and New , well managed by Steve Eblet and Stuart Bowes, Social Media , Social History at its very Best .
Facebook group for all who love Filey .

Monday, February 01, 2016

Had to go home


This is the first time I have ever been defeated by the elements. Years of Youth Hostelling in the days when the hostels were shut all day and one was not allowed to travel anywhere except on foot did not defeat me. I remember staying at the Lochranza hostel on the Isle of Arran where it rained all day every day .  My travelling companion and I could not stay in the hostel after 10am and before 4pm and had to tramp the paths. In those days the waterproof clothing was not so good as now, and certainly much heavier. Similarly in Iona last year , Rain !Wind ! Rain !Wind! for days, and yet well clad and warm in our light waterproofs it mattered not  for my sister and me.
Our Sheltered way to St Os

The gales here are still raging . I will not let Heart Patient spouse out . He can use the wall and tree lined path along the ravine to St Oswalds, a tunnel of calm and shelter.But Today was not a Choir Practice Day or a Church day , so even the short trip to the Paper Shop was a no go area .  Iona and Arran had no oases of calm out of the wind either but in Iona we could sit down with our backs to the rocks and watch waves and wait , and in Arran we  were young! 
Here in Filey -by- the- sea we remain indoors and see that the frail are not allowed out . We listen for slates falling from nearby roofs, listen to bulletins about fallen trees and watch the brackets holding up the TV aerial .
I knew a few hours in the sunshine would help my mindset today. I had the weather gear. My allotment is free from falling slates and falling trees. It was empty of punters today , beside  me and our Butcher  two plots away, or might have been our Electrician his identical twin. I cleared the end of last years composted manure onto my plot from  its pen. That took thirty minutes, The plot was so noisy. I could cope with that, corrugated metal sheets clattering are my boundary fences. Everything is an upcycle on this site. Except my Greenhouse, where I retreated for my cup of tea , sojourn and sit with the seed catalogues and last years seed  packet remains to enjoy and peruse. That is my special time on my plot. The GLASS was rattling , and I just couldn't stand the noise of it. It had already seemed a miracle that no panes had shattered so far, and when one goes and the wind enters the greenhouse, other panes follow. The slightest gap in the door was making it worse, and even shutting myself cosily out of the wind in my little glass house brought me no peace. I had to go home. I was too aware of frailty . 

So I packed up and departed, and walked all my mud into Filey Library. I am so sorry ! I forgot that even though I was not in my Work boots and had changed back into my Home boots the path to the road is filthy. All the mud gets into the grooves, and I forgot to paddle in the hug pondlike puddle by the Allotment car park.

Filey is a mess . The newly formed (I think) Keep Filey Tidy  group is doing a great job , but there is no point picking up all the litter until the winds have ceased. Wheelie Bins are being blown over and the litter bins are disgorging their contents as the bags blow out.

The gales are highlighters.They do show up the scale of the household rubbish incorrectly bagged and left , or dumped in the streets and not in the bins. Its always bad in the summer when the seagull population scavenges all the black sacks left by litter bins . Ill go and have a tidy up on my plot tomorrow!