Thursday, April 26, 2007


Spouse is recovering from a heart attack . Here are the positive outcomes
  1. A great view of the River Humber from the 8th floor of the Hull Royal.
  2. Spouse is now eating wisely.
  3. We do not feel bad resting after lunch with a dose of Midsummer Murders.
  4. Spouse has at last started gardening again seriously-the pond has been emptied and removed, the greenhouse has been disinfected and cleared out, the dandelions are now coming out by the roots instead of a few leaves.We are enjoying time together discussing our opposing views on suitable plants for a garden the size of a Science lab.
  5. I have retired.
  6. We have a bus pass, and can get as far as Hawes at no cost.
  7. We got a reduction at the Stephen Joseph for our tickets for 'The Tempest'.
  8. I have found a use for a spreadsheet, the drug regime for Warfarin etc looks really good and impressive and spouse has no need to realise that it was really easy, as it is the formulae that need the expertise.