Friday, March 01, 2013

Cardoons or Globe Artichokes?

My new gardening year is beginning to take off.
 Reighton Nurseries are just the real thing. A family business where the "rooms" go on and on . If it lives in Reighton it will live in Filey,so exposed and windy is it there on Wolds Edge. 20 years ago we bought a Eucalyptus  tree for 10p. They are still only 50p. I will coppice it in a corner of my new plot. St Oswalds will always have some. 
My mind is going round and round.I am letting my enthusiasm run away from me. In my minds eye I see happy rows of Clary and Cosmos , growing perfectly for the stone Altar. I see lunches in the yard where we tuck into salads of rocket and beetroot . I see my drawers full of lavender sachets , and in 3 years I will be giving Asparagus away to all my friends .
Tomorrow however the double digging starts in earnest as Imogen and Nick will come and help me. I will take a flask , Colin will have the small boys and I will do my best with the couch grass.

Mine is the RHS 

My allotment partner has got a greenhouse from someone and is busy levelling the ground for it.
It just doesnt get any better.
I have 

  • 6 Asparagus Crowns
  •  pack garlic
  • Arran pilot First earlies(chitting nicely in the spare room)
  • 3 packs green manure seeds
  • 5 packets Chard seeds
  • pack Romanesco seeds
Tonights dilemma to lull me to sleep will be Cardoons or Artichokes?