Friday, May 27, 2011

Mark all as read

For two years now I have been enjoying  the blogs of others.  I store the posts in  Google Reader, which is just  another service offered by Google. I just subscribe to the posts of others by copying their urls  and pasting them into the  dialogue box .  What is more , when people have deleted blogs I still have them!!
Every couple of months I do a radical prune and unsubscribe from  all but the ones I  really really love. After all I now can just  find them easily enough on the blogrolls of those left behind. More so than that , Tweetdeck for Twitter gives instant access by the links people put to their latest blogs . So I no longer subscribe to The ChurchMouse for example or Cranmer , to name a few , as I can see on Twitter if they have done a post that  sounds interesting and go straight to it.

I dont have an iphone. I have given enough hints to my progeny. I am happy to have their cast offs. So for the time being my little networking system is fine for me. The Mac is usually on in the  upstairs sitting room , and the PC in the  main one next to the kitchen. I don't sit here all day, tempting tho it might be. I just flit in and out and have a quick look. Whilst others have tea breaks I have Twitter breaks . At this moment spouse is watching the  Chelsea FS. We have had dinner, Samson is asleep on the floor,  and I am across the room from both of them next to the window. I can see anyone coming to the back door through the Venetian blinds, but they cant see me. Sometimes when C comes home from work I feel guilty that he might think Ive been sitting here all day, when Ive actually been gardening  most of the day, cooked dinner from scratch with no tins or jars, been shopping twice and  done the Times 2 Crossword. Cleaning doesn't really feature in my day . Thats why I really value Visitors for meals by appointment , as I have to get the Dyson out and maybe even the Liquid Gold.

I am just going to have another prune and subscribe to some new blogs. I just love going through the Blogrolls of others and seeing whats around. 

So here is my latest list of new finds

And an old Favourite Yorkshire Coast

At  present I enjoy short posts as its Summer and I have lots to do being a Fileygardener  .

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