Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Death and resurrection.........

There is a dead squashed frog outside our gate in the road. I think it must be one of ours. Even after we had to remove the pond  as small children became regular visitors here, we have still kept  water in a small sunken container. We always have tadpoles even in the smallest container. As I garden  and dig, cut and prune and  I know at least 3 of the frogs by markings. There might be more frogs, much smaller ,lurking in out of the way places. 
I was actually surprised at how sad I was to see the dead frog, as I'm sure Its one of ours. There are you see no ponds left in the middle of old town Filey. When Mitford Court was built in 2004  the last pond within 100 yards of our house was destroyed  to make way for the new build . Everyone around us has a small back yard. We and Rose Cottage(no Pond)  have the only gardens around. I am hoping that some of the gardens in Queen street  around the corner have got ponds. 
We need you see to have an exchange of genes in the Frog population. I wonder how far frogs actually will go to spawn? The Country Park a mile away has hundred of frogs in the pond near the marker to the Wolds Way. The Filey Dams will have thousands.I just need a few here. They eat the slugs and bugs and are a gardeners friend.  
I am sure the dead frog is ours. I have watched enough CSI to know . It was prone and past, facing from our gate out . I know it was on the lookout for  mates. We have spent enough time talking to small children and answering the question what are those frogs doing to know that the ritual goes on for  often days.  Yes it was on it way out , and hadn't done anything in our garden or we would have seen. 

I have just looked in all the regular frog spots, behind slates, under drain covers, in amongst the leaf mould. The container of water by the greenhouse contained a dead frog, killed by the freezing temperatures a week ago. Not a sign , and then remembered the COMPOST HEAP .

More Frogs of Filey -Please come to my garden but look before you cross.

Free Des Res for discerning frogs-tell your friends

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Keeping going .Thanks Steve Robinson

I have always liked the appellation Webmistress, and I knew when I gave up teaching for money in 2007 that God was steering me into helping Filey Parish to have an online presence. 
I found it hard to get enough work when I moved back to my native  county in 1992 with three teenagers and a Londoner for a husband. Teaching when there is a shortage of jobs is as hard to break into as any other profession.  I was not prepared to work 30 miles from  Filey in Hull . I needed to get to work on Public Transport when necessary, and knew  my limitations, couldn't do languages, and not able to Word Process.
  I got in by the back door- and never turned Supply teaching down , until after a few years the head of Hilderthorpe Junior School, Steve Robinson,  Bridlington, gave me a Part time contract .  He will never realise what a significant affirmation that was. I  filled the rest of my time up  as wisely as possible.by going to as many Adult Learning Computer Classes as possible run just around the corner here at the Evron Centre by Yorkshire Coast College.
So I started with Text Processing, then Desk Top Publishing  , then Spread Sheets, then Databases and with no computer at home.
This was the start of my adventure.
 Internet skills were then started at Filey Library with the  BBC Webwise CD, and the librarian set me up with my first e Mail Account with Yahoo in March 2000.
 I was given an old Viglen and this faithful friend along with a Monitor the size of a microwave and the gift of a £25 Printer kept me going until my retirement from the  East Riding, when I was able to buy my first laptop, and  afford Broadband.  I  picked up a MiniMac along the way, which I still use, and the printer is still going strong. My little family has grown, a scanner and an iphone and a netbook for trips to London. I have just had a new Hard-drive on the laptop, and an Old IBM  has gone. I am looking forward to being able to afford a Mac Air and an iPad. This reads like a boring list but I am leaving it as all nerds and techies like me will enjoy it.

My part time job in 2001 became full time for the next 5 yrs and only because I was now Computer Literate and able to use my School laptop,  post all my lesson plans to the Head via the Server , use the Computer Suite with all my classes, and joy of joy use an INTERACTIVE WHITE BOARD. I realise that I was ahead of the game. I know that Steve Robinson is about to retire himself soon as he reaches 60, so I am publicly thanking him for giving me a Chance  . All the skills I had to use teaching ICT have not been wasted. I  try to realise that 12 years ago I hardly knew what a tab key was and had no idea how to blog .
 Now  my chief retirement job as a webmistress of the Filey Parish Blog, trained by blogfathers Simon Rudiger and Pete Finch has brought me to my 4th season of  Lent . God and I have plans.

This post was going to be about Hockney and Word from Wormingford.That will have  to wait.
If any of my regular readers would like to contribute a short blog post for Lent on the Filey Parish Blog, please email it to me< margaretsudtone@yahoo.co.uk>-read the post Sexagesima and the Beatles first !