Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A quiet place to sit and think

Not something from War of the Worlds , but the remains of a couple of sunflowers promise a treat for Goldfinches when the snow comes. I've just been to get the paper and the newsagent's assistant  is excitedly passing on the news that snow has fallen in Seamer 3miles away. She's listening to Yorkshire Coast Radio  and I expect Paddy in the Morning is glad to have  something new to talk about .
I have my sledge ready , and my new snow boots are waiting for some road testing. 
Yesterday however was a glorious sunny day and bitterly cold here in Filey. I had a really productive time out in allotment hinterland. Sometimes , and often in January when SAD is affecting people around you, a series of upsets may be  magnified out of proportion to their actual importance in the scheme of things. I wanted time out yesterday. I wanted a trip somewhere. I wanted some comfort food. I wanted some space alone. I wanted something DIFFERENT. None of my suggestions en famille got anywhere. I was up for a trip to Primark , or a meal in the White Lodge or a look round the exhibition in Leeds.
At present I'm sitting at the desk in the sitting room, listening to Bach's Cantata for the Epiphany BMV65. I was listening to The Seeger Sessions , We shall Overcome , from Bruce Springsteen . Its upbeat , nostalgic and memorable but spouse doesn't like it and has been sitting in the kitchen whilst its on so I have tried to compromise. He says that the Bach is OK .
My thoughts have been reinforced by a timely blog post from The Big Forest. They reiterate all I am thinking . I am glad I gave myself some space albeit not in Leeds or Primark for I was so determined to go somewhere , anywhere, yesterday I took the compost to the allotment. Wrapped up in my down coat, my beret , two pairs of gloves and my Docs I took off. Timing yesterday was so God given for I spotted a car and trailer unloading manure to the plots . So I now have seen 'John the Muck Man 'from Folkton who for a modest sum will deliver horse manure with no straw straight to my compost bay . Ive paid him for two loads for the year and am thrilled. Its doesn't take much . If that wasn't enough I've also acquired a coveted item from the vacant plot next door, just a piece of old tin advert. but I've  loved it for years. My perfect morning continued with a stroll round the plot, plans in my head , catalogues to browse, noting the lavender needed a trim in April and the Echium was still alive -JUST in its fleece blanket. Next a sit down and a sojourn awhile in the greenhouse , a cup of tea from the flask and half a packet of midget gems , sweet heaven ,and time to just BE. Vicar Andrew said on the first Sunday of the year that we didn't sit quietly and just listen to God any more. Well! he needs a sit down for an hour in my Greenhouse.
I'm refreshed and happy, enthused and inspired today. I have well rotted mulch for my Asparagus bed, plans for Spring, a place to call my own . The last nine weeks of disappointment waiting for an op that has been cancelled 3 times, getting the fridge and laundry up to date so C has nothing to do 3 times and the inability to make any plans , fade now .
The Clarkia will have self seeded, the Chard will soon be coming back to leaf one more time, the Clary has dropped masses of seed and  soon  Rhubarb will burst forth again. I am warm, well fed, have a roof over my head and not in pain.
All in perspective again.