Saturday, August 02, 2014

I have just seen ..

Here again the lovely month of August, when all the flowers on my allotment are promising seeds for the future and joy in perpetuity . 
I am having to cut the Clarkia and Clary all the time , as I want to be able to have lots to decorate St Oswalds for Helens wedding on the 16th August. I am working on the premise that they will keep flowering for longer if I cut back now. 

Weve just had our 42nd Wedding Anniversary. Plants play a huge part in my life, and C arranged for Michael to drive him up on to the Wolds last week so he could get me some of my favourite Wild Scabious. 
Memorials , memories and significant dates and places may figure large for some people. I have been musing on remembrances of time past. It was the photo that started me off. WE saw this installation being made when we were in London at the Tower last week . The finished 'Blood swept lands and seas of red' is an amazingly bizarre way to remember a war. I don't like it at all. 

I have no wish to remember or celebrate or make money from or reflect on WW1 at all, or Agincourt or Afganistan or Slavery or any atrocity . I am having enough trouble coping with Andrew White's (The vicar of Bagdad) reports  of what is happening in northern Iraq right now, or will children be learning about that in 100 years time , slotted in to a module in RE called Martyrs.

taken by PaulGannon