Sunday, May 29, 2011

Poster been and gone

You might have seen a Poster for the Family Fun Day  in our Parish of Filey appear on this blog this morning. I have deleted it because it was on my wrong blog. I am also a Webmistress of our Filey Parish Blog, and you don't know how much pleasure it gave me to write that clause. I posted  the poster advert too quickly in between breakfast and trying to tune in Radio York on the PC so that Colin could hear the Filey Bit this morning. 
On my profile it looks as if I run over a dozen blogs.  
  • This is not really true, as I am in a team for 6 of them. Our Parish website , called Filey Parish Blog is run as a series of blogs which operate as a whole.  When the the Website Team first got together in 2008 we prayed , drank coffee , and took the advice of Simon Rudiger  and Pete Finch for many weeks, until the Holy Spirit led us into what you see now. Simon has moved on to a high powered job for the URC and now lives  in Aylesbury , Pete is a busy Maths teacher. Now only Brian , Rachel and I do posts regularly.  Pam,  Ben ,Bobby and Pete occasionally blog  but we are still a team altogether .Anyone in the Parish who would like to join us  my have 'permissions' The blog is much as it was and deemed fit for purpose. BUT We  are ready to evolve and grow.
  •  From Kiaora is just my contribution to the recording of the History of Filey,  all my pictures are to be as large files  to our Filey Archivist  Eric Pinder.   In years to come the development of the site next to my home , Kiaora, will be accessible for future generations, hopefully.
  • Samson  is a series of letters written home to his master by our lodger Samson
  • My  other blogs are just places to leave photos other than Picasa and Flickr
  • This blog is my main one because it is my place to be just myself. 

I dont really have too many hats, I just sometimes forget which one I am supposed to have on.

So I have done what we are never to do on the Parish Blog -remove a post. You will be surprised by my reasons. I just dont as myself do Fundraising in Church.   I have chosen never to gamble , so don't do raffles, Tombolas and the like. I don't stand  behind stalls selling stuff. I have what the rest of the Parish might call Peculiar Ideas

I will explain. I think that if people tithed their income there would be no need for fundraising in the C Of E. AND  no one would moan about the Parish Quotas. 

An aside Mary our vicar has just preached her best sermon ever. I feel a rant about Superstition coming on next


  1. Beautifully confused if I may say so - and I should know - nice attempt at an explanation anyway.

    Looking forward to your rant on superstition!

  2. I am to blogging what McGonagall is to the Muses sometimes ,I agree Ray!


  3. Nothing wrong with McGonagall, even if he never quite made poet laureate!
    Thinking of the "silvery Tay".

  4. I too look forward to your rant on superstitions !
    I like the "hats ". The top one in the photo is your usual one . X