Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Apocalypse 21st May 2011

Menorah in Jerusalem -for New Temple

Fundamentalist Christians have been predicting dates for End Time Happenings for years. Matthew Skinner wrote of this recently in the HuffpostThe latest expected date for  the Rapture is 21st May 2011.

Now this Fileygardener has just planted 3 rows of Rhubarb Chard and I just don't trust anyone to water them if I am here one moment and gone the next. 

Ever since I first heard about 'The Rapture' when I was a baby Christian it has fascinated me. I still love the Bart Simpson take on it.
Sermons on Eschatology are rare in St Oswalds Filey.  In fact I have never heard one . I really annoyed my family in the 1980s by refusing to buy any products by P.............and G..........., and spouting forth about the Glass Pyramid at the Louvre and giving all my friends copies of books like 'This Present Darkness' by Frank Peretti, which was doing the rounds in 1987  and the best selling book
 in the Dorking Christian Bookshop. Its not about End Times, but about Angels and Demons and is a great read.  

Until Brian in our housegroup started on the Wendy Alec novels that is. My husband insisted that I would like them, he has read them all first. So I tried the first one of the Chronicles of Brothers-The Fall of Lucifer. It tells the story of brothers Gabriel, Michael and Lucifer. The descriptions of Heaven and the other wordly dimensions are purely speculative of course, with Bible bits fitted in, like the Fall. In fact running through my head is that verse(Rev 22v 18) about adding to the Revelation. Nevertheless I stuck with this book to please Colin. 
Second book 'Messiah-The first Judgement' is much better, as it tells the whole story of Jesus from another point of view, that from the Angels and Demons. I stuck with it.
The Third one The Son of Perdition is by far the best.Brian reviewed it on the Parish Blog, as he did the other two here and  here.

So like Brian , I could not put Son Of Perdition down. The Anti -Christ is cloned from Satan and from Prime Minister Of England he rises to creator of a New World Order, hinting now at the next book where marks of the beast will be implanted for buying and selling . The Ark of the Covenant is discovered and traded to Israel for the Temple Mount where the new 3rd Temple awaits the Messiah or the Abomination of Desolation of the Antichrist. This book  knocks spots off The Da Vinci Code. 

So all this Osama Bin Ladin stuff on TV at the moment and the droughts, famines, earthquakes, Flu pandemics and the proposed abolition of Cheques, what with Nuclear fuel seepage  following the tsunami all add up in my book to END TIMES.  Our Housegroup has been talking about it, we are all joking about being raptured, and what happens to the Pets, (yes !you can buy into a Scheme to re house them in event  of Owner  Rapture!). Underneath it all we are quite serious that the End times of Revelation are seeming near and probable. 
We have all decided to Trust God and not worry about it, we are seeking Repentance, trying to be more loving with the help of God, and to pray like mad for our neighbours.

Wendy Alecs Books are FICTION. The Bible is FACT and inspired. Homer  Simpson is right most of the time. Not all Jesuits are on the wrong side. Its all right to buy Fairy Liquid .

"No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father."
Mark 13v32

Addendum Thurs 5th May
Have been trying to remember the author of the book which astounded me in the 1970s and 80's.
It was Hal Lindsey's Late Great Planet Earth. I prayed that I would remember it if it was important, I did so it must be.

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  1. If on the 22nd you and I wind up in the same place you'll recognize me by the jug of Costa Rica coffee in one hand and a bottle of pinotage in the other. I confidently expect you to have a book in one hand, Probably one of Wendy Alec's, and a gardening fork in the other. Please acknowledge me. I'm going to need friends.