Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Update , ( on behalf of) Aged Parent Rant and Gratitude

A brief lull today  in the removal process.

 I'll just update you all.

This picture will help.
Downsizing is such a positive experience. We have been ruthless.

  • The Family Bible has gone to Godson, my mothers Confirmation Dress (1930) to Vintage (St catherines Hospice), along with my Grandmother's evening dress (1936), our Victorian China Cabinet  (1840), nearly all my novels(100,s),any utensils and pots and vases  not used for 6months, all ornaments and decorative articles which are not useful , except  a few paintings . I have still got my Herbarium , until friend at Kew  back from French Guinea can decide whether they want it or not. |Rare books have gone too, round the family and to good homes.
  • Have given away 8 duvets, and and 21 pillows, and 20 sets of bedlinen. How awful to admit to having had so much!
  • A drawerful of posters collected from  Sunday Times, programmes from Coronation, Silver Jubilee and Royal Wedding(81) and 11 has gone.Teachers do horde what might come in useful for a lesson. Daughter no 2  has agreed to having the Gas mask and ration books from WW2. 
  • Daughter no 1 has agreed that it is foolish to get rid of 50 scores of Oratorios , and bound music, and kept those for her musical progeny, with  1 violin, 6 recorders,an ocarini , Aunty Elsie's castanets  2 music stands and a block of  beeswax, and my Bongo Drums
  • Son has has my desk ,my curio cabinet  and the Hall Table (Arts and Crafts)
  • The Flower cupboard at St Oswalds is about to get 20 Towels for spills
  • 2 Demijohns of Homemade wine dating to 1993 were amazingly taken by friend in Homegroup.
  • etc etc

It actually seems obscene  to have had so much. I read last week of a man in the Sudan who owned just 1biro.God Help us in the 1st World.

My rant comes next.
I am unable to take my aged parent to appointments  now that I am without a car. She has lots of appointments, hospital, doctor, clinic, chiropodist, dentist. She manages very well. Westholme Cars of Beverley are truly wonderful. But her new venue is in Hull . So we have encouraged her for the first time to arrange Hospital Transport. She is 92, she couldn't get on a bus, or train unaided. She loses her balance easily and is frail, but feisty.She has the War-time Spirit, when she was in charge of people in the WRAF. Phones have never worried her.
 However Arranging Hospital Transport was a Phone call too far for her. 
So I had a go from Filey for her. 

I could hardly hear the options Press 1 for medical Professionals, 2 for Transport to be cancelled , 3 for transport for today , 4 for Transport in future. Pressed 4 having heard the options 3 times to make sure. Now press 1 if you live in North Lincolnshire, 2 if you live in York and North Riding 3 if you live in East Riding, 5 in Hull. 
I had to start again to get here again and pressed East Riding . 
Got through to charming lady who took all the details of Mothers appointment. BUT she was not in the system. Question should have been asked first. Has She used the Transport before? 
Now I had already had to remember her address, and date of birth, had to call Colin for the Address book for her post code, and then the blow fell 'What is her National Health Number?' 
How on earth would I know that,
I'd given them her PATIENT number, showing she was not a figment of my fancy.  So I say I will ring back with Mothers National health Number.I ring mother  and shout at her down the phone as she has not got her hearing aid in. (Ive not got mine in either)She gives me her number straight away, it on a letter by her chair. 
I ring back Hospital Transport , and get thro immediately. I know how to do it now. Except , Mother has given me her NI number not her NHS number. 
I ring off, take the name of the clerk, Bess. I ring Mother. The District nurse just happens to be with her, and helps her find the right number on a hospital letter. (She has dozens). 
Plain sailing now. I ring back,through all the hash keys and numbers, BUT am in a queue now. No Musak thankfully but they do value my call and will be right with me. ....
You are next in the queue

I want to speak to Bess. Its Beth actually , I nearly heard correctly, but Mothers Details were saved on her database so far. I proceed, correct number now, then Who is her GP. I think , stab in the dark , and get it right, Address and Postcode of GP, Stab in the dark no 2address nearly right, Postcode no way. They have got it now by some miracle of autocomplete. 
The transport is arranged.
Phone Aged parent back. Realise that if I had such trouble HEARING, and making the options, and acquiring info, how much HARDER is it for OLD PEOPLE , those with their Marbles, and HOW IMPOSSIBLE for those who are confused. 

Mother said she had not wanted to admit to finding phone calls very distressing and stressful as SHE JUST COULDN'T follow what to do. MOTHER ! I CANT DO THEM EASILY EITHER, IT IS NOT YOU!


CC to Age Concern , NHS, and MP


Small grandson is poorly today and came to us. We have had a lovely day in our MOVE WEEK. We watched Milkshake, Sooty, Animals on the Shelf, did Moshi Monsters on the Internet, looked at the DR WHO book, then more Cbeebies. A relaxing Day indeed. Thank you God. (the difference between grandson under the weather and grandson normally is astounding , and today very welcome)