Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Still Growing

I've not been up to the plot for a week, but I'm sure that everything will have grown even more. 
My Echiums are sending up their flower spikes and that is a worry ,as as the first frost normally kills the Echiums unless they are frost protected. 
I have covered them with  fleece and put a piece of perspex on the top. A waste of time really as the flower spike is growing so fast on this one pictured that its moving the top. 
Im going to have to start all over again and redo all of them just before the onset of the first frost as its predicted on my BBC APP weather for Filey . 
The Shallots and Garlic have made great growth on the plot, and I was picking the last of the Sugar snap peas a few weeks ago.
I read in the Times yesterday that daffodils were in full bloom in Maidenhead. Father (Died 1975) always gave Mother a bunch for Christmas flown in from the Channel Isles not from mainland UK.
So I Might be interested to see what I can find in flower in Ordnance Survey km square TA1281 when I go for my 3 hour plant in flower spotting walk on New Years Day