Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Just for you Ray ! St Oswalds Filey

We don't usually see the angels on the front of the table /altar except on Good Friday so it was great that our new incumbant  chose for them to be on show for the Christmas Epiphany season . They were painted by a holiday maker in Edwardian times. The reredos is very ornate so not easy for flowers to show up .

Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Just on way to St Oswalds to water the Christmas Flower Arrangements

For the past 4 weeks I have had the starting points for some posts for this blog. Thats how it works with me. I have a starting point but never any consequence or ending . My starting point is often a visual stimulation , when I have to stop in my tracks and find my mobile with its excellent camera and record the moment . I chose a Sony Experia Z1 just because it has such a good camera . The contract on this phone was up in September but I have not had the inclination to update, just because the pics are so good. Spouse uses my equally good Digital Camera. We don't see the need to update that either as it does the business. On this blog you may tell which device has been used, as we have not removed the date function from his pics.
Spouse has a better eye for picture taking than I have. I rarely have to send his to trash . I manage well enough as I am a mistress of GIMP or the Photo Edit function. I only work on a Mac these days , and miss the Microsoft Picture Editor . 
I here give you a couple of my starting points and a couple of ideas that have been bouncing around my head , usually in the small hours, for blog posts. They will not emerge and fully flower, but I just don't want to look at Google Photos in a year or so and realise I missed the moment. 
Filey Allotments

I love this upcycled fence on the way to my plot at Filey Allotments. It dates from at least the 60s I'm sure. I have a corrugated , galvanised fence around one of the boundaries on my shared plot too. Until the very efficient Terry arrived on the adjacent plot it rattled and sang during the frequent winds , and I loved that cacophony. 
Sometimes as all my family know , I just sit on the allotment , especially in winter. I sit with a hot cup of Instant Tea, or my new favourite, Triple Ginger  tea and I just listen to the sounds around me , watch the Crows and Jackdaws and smell distant incinerators burning up the dried weed herbage . On Christmas Eve I only saw one other person on the plots, way across the road, Perfect then ! My excuse for leaving home that day, was that I was going to water my sweet peas, and pick some Broccoli for Christmas Day Lunch and check for broken glass in the Greenhouse after Hurricane Barbara had taunted me. But actually I was savouring the thought that in bed on Christmas Eve I would be leafing through my just arrived Catalogues from Chiltern Seeds and planning the future.

This is my second Christmas without Mother. This is the Christmas it has sunk in that something the awful has happened. I am turning into her.
We had a lovely kitchen floor at Newlands , tiled with red  Ruabon Quarry tiles. Except we never saw them as they were always covered with the Yorkshire Post, as Mother was ALWAYS cleaning the kitchen floor, even though I could never see the dirt. 
I cleaned the floor myself last week with a scrubbing brush and bleach , it came up beautifully . I even impressed Tanya my treasure. 

I had to put paper down of course so as not to spoil the pristine cleanliness.  Spouse was not amused. He doesn't want me to become my mother who we always called the DETTOL QUEEN .

I have only just forgiven our Post Master after he implied I had shop lifted the plastic posting bags I had bought in our local Stationers WRAYs and still bearing their price ticket , and also sold by him for a greater price. Its true I often write my cards and pack my parcels in a corner of the Post Office to save me going home when I've just been to Wrays. I was so upset , especially as I had already been in the PO twice that day with similar parcels and he said not a word. But when I finally realised of what he was accusing me, after his meaningful looks and questions asking if I was buying the bags, I was nothing short of incensed . I realised I could not of written this 3 weeks ago when I took the photo as I would have been VERY RUDE. Ive calmed down now, and appreciate that perhaps some people might shop lift 24p bags costing 38p In FileyPost Office.