Sunday, February 24, 2013

Fileygardener becomes a real one again

This is me a few weeks ago with Bernard my allotment partner .A year ago we were talking gardening after church and I said I would love an allotment again (22 yrs since my Surrey one). So we agreed that we would share one  as neither of us could manage a full one. A year later and we have it. 
Colin and I went to see it and I was overwhelmed! It is fantastic. It had been maintained up until back end, the soil is good loam, and it has a shed, two baths for rainwater, an incinerator ,an apple tree, gooseberries, raspberries, and 6 crowns rhubarb. Bernard is already negotiating the transfer of a greenhouse. He is going to be a great mentor for me, as I am a gardener of the slapdash sort , and he is neat rows and level ground, and everything in its place.
My mind is reeling with plans. 
On Friday I went for another look with all the grandchildren. (4 ,aged 6-9). They already know lots and were asking for their own bit for sunflowers, and doing the I Spy Garden book. I had forgotten just how enthusiastic small children could actually be, spotting wheelbarrows, chickens, cabbages,lawnmowers and compost heaps. I nearly forgot ; we have 2 compost heaps.  Today after lunch Colin and I , 2 small boys, Daughter and her Husband, the Filey domiciles, came for  a look. I and N have offered to dig my portion over for me.(!!) So I showed Nick how to do Double Digging. We will all go on Saturday next. I will have to give further instruction on removing all couch grass rhizomes. I saw that Bernard had already started a heap of not allowed on compost heap. We'll have a burn up in the incinerator when its dry. Daughter has asked for pumpkins. I am planning Asparagus bed and  a Lavender hedge. 
I am nestling up now with my Chiltern Seeds catalogue. I wonder if I'll get done if I try a few Echiums.

Monday, February 11, 2013

My Mouse is not dead

This is for you Daydreamer. I had such a shock when I saw the thumbnail blogroll of your post I went straight to see what you had put .

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Mag and Nunc

I miss them but could easily put on a CD .
In the midst of an extremely busy weekend I just caught a snatch of this setting of the Nunc Dimittis on the BBC Morning Service for today . I remembered then that it must be Candlemas and checked the lectionary. I rarely get to hear any beautiful church music these days, its doesn't matter a bit . For many years I worshipped in churches where the music was indeed sublime, I ironed surplices for all my family, I got to church an hour before time so that chorister husband and children could do run throughs of anthems.  
Stumbling back into my very own Music Appreciation Society has recently begun as I start the routine of a new life in this little home. I have been playing my favourites again when spouse is out, and I have mental space to do my own thing. Last week I was back into all my Jacques Loussier Play Bach, next week I might be up for Handels Theodora. Today I will get to know this setting of those wonderful words from Luke 

28 Simeon took him in his arms and praised God, saying:

29 “Sovereign Lord, as you have promised,
you may now dismiss your servant in peace.
30 For my eyes have seen your salvation,
31 which you have prepared in the sight of all nations:
32 a light for revelation to the Gentiles,
and the glory of your people Israel.”

Sister and I are busy arranging a Simeon and Anna trip for aged parent. She has wanted to return to Iona for many years . My sister last took her 10years ago, It will take 2 of us now .

Even to your old age, I am He,
And even to gray hairs I will carry you!
I have made, and I will bear;
Even I will carry, and will deliver you.
Isaiah 46 v3