Saturday, January 20, 2018

Hot but not bothered

I wonder if anyone else is pleased with the new packing material that Amazon are are using . Hard Plastic tubes of air are just the thing as insulation in the greenhouse to go around pots during seed raising time. My greenhouse at the allotment is big but cold. I don't come from school of greenhouse heaters, I come from school of grow in pots on sitting room window until big enough to prick out, but spouse has other plans. Since he has been confined at home so much he's taken up gardening again in a big way ,  in a small space way  and taken up my space in the cottage . Ive pushed in a few , but am going to have to make contingency plans .
C has rekindled his love of indoor plants,  has redesigned and restocked our tiny back yard ,  has managed to get our Clematis armandii to flower after 5 years of just gathering bird droppings,  has cuttings from Oleanders, Myrtle and Buddleja globosa thriving .He has  even taken an interest AT LAST in the bird feeders and started refilling them and looking up birds. (RSBP Garden watch next weekend with grandson(s)). 
  Amazon have also been using paper to pack , rolls and rolls of it, and if carefully unwound , usually in one piece. I really like that, much more eco friendly , and just as useful in my allotment shed as covers for shelves to keep dust off and for lining upon staging to reduce the mess I make on the floor .
Now that Seed Catalogues, my light reading for January ,  have  all arrived  I'm about to note down  all the seeds I've already got, half packets, quarter packs , full in date packs and full out of date packs . Like most gardeners I never use a complete packet in case I have to start again because I got the conditions all wrong , mostly temperature. This year I'm trying to keep to the instructions.

 I am now trying to find a way of bringing all  seedlings on with some heat without buying propagators .For months now I've been RESEARCHING thinking of trying a HOT BED. I've got 2 bales of straw and 20 sacks of horse manure so am just waiting for Amazon to deliver a sack barrow so I can get the sacks of manure into the greenhouse . 

Ive learnt the hard way to avoid carrying anything heavy since putting my back out over 30 years ago . So for 4 days I've been waiting . I know the tracking email says it will be coming by 25th January but it also says its been dispatched , so it could arrive today !
Spouse is already planning to grow his pineapple top into a Del Monte shop on the top of my Hot Bed. I'll just be pleased if it actually gets HOT.  I can't do joinery , I make a mess, I work in a slap dash fashion, so my Hot Bed is going to be made in a huge sack that Dalby Logs uses to  deliver my kiln dried Ash logs , you know the same bag size that Jewsons deliver sand in! All the stress of beginning has been removed from me .

I am just waiting for the sack barrow to arrive, and secretly hoping it will be the 25th January , but nevertheless waiting indoors in the warm until it does, or coxing and boxing with spouse to just get the paper or post a letter or get some milk . I've had the joy of listening to Any Questions on the radio, Ive nearly finished my Library book renewed 3 times and then bought on Amazon as the Library wanted it back for someone had reserved it .
 I've got time to do a really nerdy thing, I might  through all my packs of seeds and put them on a spread sheet  with details . I will  let you know if I manage to get any seeds to germinate from a pack of Jersey Walking Stick cabbage seeds  that I bought 10 years ago  from Chiltern seeds, but now that spouse is using a third leg it would be lovely to make him one.