Thursday, November 14, 2019

That Delphic Sibyl and other well muscled models

 Cumaean Sybil
Picture here is of the Cumaean Sybil  of Michaelangelo rather than the more well known Delphic Sybil of Michaelangelo; she looks as if she has been to the gym and lifting weights. I wonder just how many  real arms the Artist had actually studied or whose arms were used for  the model here . Michaelangelo he might have been , but my teenagers had a few words for this photo here. 
I've been to Holy Trinity Hull oka Hull Minster to see the exhibition of the photographs of all the paintings in the Sistine Chapel . I went twice actually , once alone with Hull sister and friend and then with Beloved and teenage Grandsons;
  • a  deliberate act to ensure that they will remember that the cultural expeditions with Grandma to Kingston upon Hull covered more than the Artwork of the 21st Century
  • to show them that an interior of an ancient and historic church may lend itself to an update in space management
  • to introduce them to Trinity Market next to the Minster
I was glad that I knew the layout , ambience and logististics of the free but ticketed Exhibition before visiting a second time , as the first time was a confusing journey amongst scores of people in the way with their Audio Guides , inaccessible places for wheelchairs, and a Funeral Service being prepared so that punters had to get round quickly .
I have seen the real thing , the Sistine Chapel  in 1974 visiting Uncle Edgar (who worked at FAO) and Aunty Kay . Rome was then just like a huge GIFT SHOP , religious souvenirs on every corner , and I got weary of the endless Etruscan Vases and glass cases with bits of the original Cross , the SISTINE  chapel was lost  on me too . So I welcomed chance to see the photos showing close up detail , or maybe I'm more interested in Renaissance paintings now and not just waiting for the next birra.

The second visit was much easier, and the volunteers much more used to their best help techniques, new routes for wheelchairs were now in place and a much better arrangement for the display of the famous bits, the Creation of Adam and Adam and Eve . Much better too now  the Sanctuary , showing the photo of the   huge Last Judgement . I loved this, especially the portrayal of the  flayed skin of St Bartholomew with the face of Michaelangelo himself - I missed that in La Roma. 

Here I not only applaud the Minster staff and volunteers, but the easily spotted Turquoise Hull Volunteers trained for the 2017 City of Culture events and now one of the most successful legacies of that year and the follow on years . I hope the POD in Paragon Station will remain .
Here are Audrey and Sue earning a welcome sit down after a mornings work in the Minster refectory, and still  happy to chat Hull  . 
 I have known Holy Trinity all my life, my mother used to take me as a teenager so Youth Services in the 60s , and more recently ordinations, & the Morning Service on Sunday mornings when we stay at the nearby Premier In.

Guess the LP
We had a very successful visit to Trinity Market , and Oh! how different from the covered market of my own teenage years, when coffee was Milk and a dash, and I learned how to buy a crab to dress at home . I would get back to Sutton hoping that I'd remembered to get a Male, and that it wasn't too wet in the cart . I have loved Crab ever since, glad that here in Filey they are readily available nearly every day at our wet fish shop Lovetts. Beloved and I had a long sit , he with an italian Arancino, and me with a Lowenbrau , as the boys hunted for Vinyl records and a lunch fit for a teenage boy -
Pepper Chips. The Street food on offer in Trinity Market was varied and authentic, we loved it !

And just when the day couldn't get any better , beloved bought a  Cycad in the Station Florist  and a huge Opuntia  for our grandson who is collecting and tending Cacti .