Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Early Birds

The drive to the 24 hour Supermarket was a breeze this morning . No traffic at all until the outskirts of Scarborough, then a Police Car. Checked the speedometer.No worries a steady 30mph.
I divert to record that on the journey back from nephews December wedding in Sheffield, some speed camera in Howden recorded a massive 36mph on this Bridteacher, who is now careful to the point of tedium for those driving behind me.I just cant lose another 3 points from my licence. As the sole driver in this marriage I am expected to manoeuvre old red Volvo in all the Supermarket carparks in the Riding and Tescos in Westborough is not easy unless you want to be a 10 minute push from the door.
So at 5 this morning I was really enjoying the drive to town, Mayblossom gleaming, Queen Annes Lace frilling and all the lights at green, especially the Hillstart one at Cayton Bay. Straight into a wonderful parking space, I dont think I have ever been so near to the doors.
What a shame on the Tuesday after the Bank Holiday the doors don't open until 8 o'clock.

Monday, May 07, 2007

RT Kendall

Spent Saturday at seminas given by RT Kendall in Scarborough. Good that 'Churches together in Scarborough' had the vision to go ahead with the aptly named 'Springtide'. Spouse and I were very encouraged and challenged by the teaching we received. We certainly don't want to be 'yesterdays man and woman'.Look forward to what will happen next. We are ready.