Saturday, December 22, 2012

Grand Central

We thought we had made a mistake when the train came into York, as Coach F was clearly in the middle of the train and  not at an end. Whats more it was a Grand Central Train from Sunderland to Kings Cross and I had to get C to double check the ticket. Usually we travel to Kings Cross on East Coast Mainline. In fact we have travelled so much to Croydon and back since May I have acquired hundreds of points on their Reward Scheme. So this is a first for us,Grand Central.
Non stop to Kings Cross on the busiest travelling day of the year our carriage is nearly empty. The complimentary tea is good (never , never have coffee on a train), the wifi very easy to access.We are not sitting in the allocated seats . We have found ones we prefer. I have a table to myself, and C is across the aisle at a table to himself. So I am spread out with my netbook, and the mobile is happily charging across the table. I have an uninterrupted view of sodden fields and new lakes. The train is so clattery that I cant get spell check and so had to look up uninterrupted in Google search on my phone. Oh! its a busy life. I have just remembered that I did choose this train because it WAS Grand Central. We had seen it so often and anyway 1st Class was only £36, way back in October when I spent the evening online doing the tickets . 
I cant possibly upload the picture of C eating his free mince pie; the table is shaking too much, and the cups and saucers are doing an Evelyn Glennie. I will delight you with them when we get to the Brighton flat that we rent for Christmas every other year .The  rest of our family are not denied our presence that way and the Yorkshire ones have a year to recover.  Only teasing of course.