Monday, June 12, 2017

Homage to Congleton and Angie Lewin

For years now I have always bought the porridge oats milled in Congleton, and not just because my sister has lived there for over 40 years and our mother was born in Cheshire. Congleton is a delightful and formerly heavily industrial town. We have got to know it over the years 
  • its green and lush countryside and views of the Cloud
  • the walk by the canal
  • the outlying picturesque villages and Rudyard lake
  • the pagan Maypole dancing ,embraced by church school at Astbury and made its own
  • the trips to nearby silk town Macclesfield
I love Mornflake oats for another reason . For many years now I have enjoyed the ARTWORK on the packet . It reminds me of the work of the artists at St Jude's Gallery and is just as good , stylised representations of plants very much 50s and yet right up to date.
I am peeved that this week I had to buy Quaker Oats , as Spar and Herons were right out of Mornflake  Oats, and for the first time in over 10 years . I hope the Mill in Congleton is OK and its just that their lorry is having its MOT, and its nothing to do with Brexit or the amount of rainfall on Scottish Oats last year. This is personal , I shall have to buy them online direct from their website if Filey shops don't get over the hiccup. 
I have a sweetener. We are going to the Ravilous exhibition in Eastbourne tomorrow as we are on a Royal Progress to Brighton for our youngest child's 40th birthday . He ticks the ARTWORK box in me as well , with Edward Bawden .

 Please don't change your packaging Mornflake Oats! Or use Angie Lewin , she was born in Cheshire. .