Thursday, August 20, 2015

Bounty and Plenty

Italian Vegetarian Cookery by Paola Gavin 1987

I walk back from my allotment the longest way I can, calling on prospective recipients of Marrow and Courgettes. 
I have no trouble at all getting rid of Chard. My Spinach and Rice Pie, using my fresh off the allotment Swiss Chard, Rainbow Chard, or Spinach Beet has been keeping us nourished for 20 years since my children were going through serious vegetarian Dietary requirements. (And spouse and I have bacon with it, no cooking different meals for family members). Its like a solid risotto cake and I always serve it with lots of Parmesan and Homemade tomato sauce, made with homegrown tomatoes and garlic. This makes me sound a very accomplished gardener, but I can assure you that Tomatoes and garlic are not plentiful on my plot , I rely on the bountiful and generous surplus of my gardening neighbours. 
I have new neighbours on my allotment this year. They are . with Bernard my allotment partner, wonderful neat and tidy gardeners with manicured rows and giant vegetables. They come from different gardening disciplines , and I have most in common with my immediate neighbour who is also a devotee of the School of Companion Planting. He has a whole bed of Comfrey of the non invasive Bocking type, grows Marigolds and Nasturtians. My allotment partner doesn't mind the haphazard growth of Phacelia between the shared  rows of Raspberries, as long as I dig it in in neatly . (Which I will eventually, I promise!)

Our little problem is what to do with the Marrows and Courgettes ? I did stuffed Marrow  with Cheese Sauce at the weekend. I have made Courgette Frittata . I am looking for more recipients with time on their hands for Marrow and Ginger Jam . Meanwhile , nothing is wasted, as D leaves them  outside the greenhouse for me to use or give away I am doing both . And Ive just found a recipe in the Italian Cookbook for Courgette soup.