Friday, June 21, 2013

Well, I've been Fileygardening!

Amongst other things that is!. Today is the first day of all day rain, so I don't have to go to the allotment and water. We have been away of course, and Im so scatty I can't remember where. Oh! Yes , London doing a try out of some more Premier Inns, and then it was half term and all the children were here, BUT that was a month ago, so can't recall what has held me up from this my Primary Blog.
The Filey Parish Blog is not MY own personal blog, I just keep it up to date as best as I can , and keep the stats going with posts. That Blog will come to a natural end one day, as something more efficient is found to serve the Parish. I'm just a steward really. This blog is the casualty. What a stupid statement that is. If no posts are forthcoming here for 4 weeks it doesn't mean I havent written them in my head. I've done some good ones cerebrally

  • about Bernards Greenhouse
  • about the way many allotment holders belong to a sociological sub culture. The 2 Ronnies were right.
  • about the merits of buying books over getting them from the Public Library
  • about the feting of actors who are themselves in everything they do (yes, I went to Rutherford and son at the Stephen Joseph)
  • about how I still think sandals with socks is ok
  • about the passage of time ,when all that disturbs is the 2 hourly train passing your small corner of England that is for ever Asparagus and Groundsel, with much Orache (which I will pick as spinach one day)
    This is how I tell the time on the allotment