Saturday, July 21, 2007

Filey Floods

Last Tuesday spouse and I felt as if we were role playing a Famous Five adventure, as we stopped torrents of water from overwhelming the back door of our jolly house. We lifted the inspection hatch to the drains with a spade and diverted the river Styx or so it seemed. Now we have a new excitement called 'sandbags' lovingly arranged in a Heath Robinson way around the back porch, a contingency plan, a super idea, what a lark.
The misery of other people however is more Waterland than Enid Blyton, and the pictures on the BBC of ordinary but disrupted lives only serve to make me thankful.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Hull Floods

The Hull Daily Mail through its Website have kept Bridteacher well informed of recent events. Thank you to all the folk who have sent in their own photos of the Hull Floods.
Newsagents in this outpost of Gods own county no longer sell the familiar and well loved tabloid. When I was a child, I thought the Daily Mail was the familiar evening paper delivered daily , and wondered why our family got it in the evening when others seemed to get it with their bacon and egg.
Here in the once Roman Signal Station town we do not even get,here in our postcode, the 'Look North ' on BBC 1. Our 6 o'clock news is followed by a regional news with Carol Malia, beloved of husband of Bridteacher. Yes I am at Second Home with the Geordie news and tales of the Sage and the Stadium of light, but miss the real Home news.