Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Magpie Eye

Just been to see the eponymous exhibition at Scarborough Art Gallery . Finishes next Monday May4th. The family have already seen it, and spouse several times. We have had the poster up in the kitchen since before it opened. Not exactly an exhibition, but more a collection of quirky objects trouve to compliment the work in the neighbouring room ,of Edward Bawden and Eric Ravilious.
I felt so at home in Magpie Eye. We have a house with small collections loitering around corners and sitting on shelves. We love our mirrors crafted by Anna Lambert. It was great to see the Cockerel Soup Tureen with the clever Tail Feather ladle , sitting proudly next to a vase of full blown tulips. I have been going to galleries and exhibitions since I was a child taken to Ferens Art Gallery (Hull) by my aunt. She, was a watercolourist and enthusiast for colour. She had an eclectic taste . She , housebound for many years would talk about her visit to MoMA in 1961, her delight at seeing Guernica, her joy in the colour of roses, her taste for the Pre-Raphaelites for the stories behind the paintings. She loved like Mark Hearld to see design and colour in everyday objects. She would have absolutely adored Magpie Eye. A few years ago we discovered the work of Angie Lewin, and bought as many greetings cards and notelets as we could in the shop in the Geffrye museum. Now 3 years later she has found many more outlets for her work, even the here in the wilds of the north. It was no surprise really then to realise that the echo of something already in the soul was in the Flyer for Magpie Eye , as Mark Hearld exhibits in the same Gallery.Where is my rambling going ?
This morning we opened a new box of Organic Oats. We only bought them because we liked the design of the box. Could have been 'School of Hearld or Lewin'. No but we like you too Clare Curtis.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

AGMs All Gods militia

I have been to every single AGM of my anglican church since becoming a voting member. So that adds up to 41 meetings as for 1 year I had to belong to a fellowship (House Church).This was when my vicar said I was a heretic after getting Baptised as an adult by Total Immersion in 1985. I am under authority so treated the family to a year of guitars, prophecies and comfy seats. Back in the muddled folds of the Cof E since 1986, at home, happy with 'A word from Wormingford'once again , and now needing to read that bible of the interpretation of Holy Writ, the ABC for the PCC.
Last nights meeting for the Parish of Filey was worth the wait of 41 and 1 off years .
It will have fulfilled every legal requirement of Canon Law, but something more was going on last night. Besides the obvious presence of the Holy Spirit, there was a sense of order, calm and fellowship. The Lord was in control.
Max -your humorous diatribe was excellent. It would make a pamphlet as required reading for churches in the land. What you said, couched in such Cof E speak was that we need to get back to Bible teaching. You did that so subtley by your mention of wise and foolish virgins. I have nt heard that parable spoken of for years!
Mary -you have the gentleness of the strong, and its word is Meekness, it is what Jesus had.
Here is a cartoon for you all.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The infinite wonder Thanks to Bosco Peters for the tweet about this.It takes a while to load and you will see why!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Facebook Passion On Good Friday

Who ever thought this up as an April fool must have been reading that bit about 'For the wisdom of this world is foolishness in God's sight.. What a great idea. I actually followed it through our 3 hour Vigil today. Well done whoever you are, and thanks Clare Rishbeth for sending me the link to Peter Oulds blog.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Twitter and Pruning

I am no stranger to Pruning. I remember my Grandfather Benjamin John Elder Bruce showing me how to prune roses in 1959. I was really honoured that this man of so few words would take the trouble to explain something so grown up to this 12 year old girl. I was affirmed. I didnt really even understand what pruning was for, or why he only did the roses. He died soon after, they were the last roses he would prune. The roses were there for many years after that. I remember their lovely names, Josephine Bruce, our family rose, Peace, Fragrant Cloud, Golden Showers.
Our daughter the Landscape architect is a very hard pruner. She arrives in our walled garden and tells her father to' cut that right down', or she will do it. Her father has cut the Zepherine Drouhin right down. I hope it will cover the arbour again.
I see a new occupation coming in to the Twittersphere. People are having to prune the people they follow. Bishop Alan and Rev Bosco Peters have done their lists. I value both of their input to the Twittershere and Blogsphere, but am now having to rethink where I think the whole pruning thing will lead. Will someone invent a Tweetdeck that will do an automatic prune. You could put in a sort of search word like 'football' or 'synod' and all the' friends' who use those tags more than once a day could be pruned. Or perhaps those who like me have only 28 followers could do a reverse prune , or growth spurt thing and anyone who uses the words 'Echium' or 'Dark night of the soul' would have to follow me.
Of course, Jesus had only 12 serious followers at first, apparantly. I bet Jesus Barabbas had thousands.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Palm Sunday

People must have thrown coats and branches down in front of the colt because the road down from the Mount of Olives is so steep.The colt could have stumbled otherwise.