Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Wydale for R and R

I've just wandered along the track through the woods , climbed over the stile using no style and been to look at the view again .

Spouse remained in the Wydale library looking across the familiar landscaped view, he's reading yet another book on the b.... Tudors: we've both breakfasted without worrying about what to have or whether there is a mess in the sink to clear up , and there is happy background chat in the Sitting room/Hall  from a small party from  the Benefice of Bramham in Boston Spa  here for their retreat.

I wanted to do the same stroll as yesterday , as I'm still buzzing with the thrill of seeing a  Tree Creeper for the first time . I wanted to send my record to the local FBOG* Birding Whats App feed, but its only for sighting of birds in Filey. I toyed with sending it anyway but realised that hardened Birders would not be amused at the spotting of something so common for them . I hung around the same tree for ages but had no joy today . My Birder friends have cameras that can zoom in to small birds , and I'm thinking about getting one. On the other hand the people who keep Wydale so clean are using  a cordless Dyson , and I had a go . First thing to do when home is get our local sell all shop of Filey  to get me one.
My view of Wydale form the sheep track from the stile.

 Tell me this is not Giant Knotweed!
Country houses built in the 18th Century are at the opposite end of the scale from our home, an 18th C cottage built from stones off the beach . Mature and rare trees in  the once Parkland give the 14acres of Wydale Diocesan Retreat House the gravitas of the Church of England, and the sheep in the fields, the birds in the trees , the moles in the lawn and the bracket fungi on the beeches another picture of those who live and worship  in a Broad Church along with the horse flies , ticks and Dragonflies, as well as nettles and Large Japanese Knotweed ( I think it could be , see picture ).

The Lion of Judah has been a theme today . Our reading matter for this short break was lent to us by Barbara  a friend in our Church . I didn't want to read it as it written is by someone who used to annoy me 25 years ago at meetings , by encouraging us to shout our prayers out loud in tandem with dozens of others . My dear friend Margaret Corner whispered to me , 'God is not deaf ', the incident stuck . So I  read Jarrod Coopers book in a couple of hours. He mentions Keith Powells as a prophet , and it was Keith who took our two Parish weekends at Wydale in 2010 and 2012, the latter memorable for the pictures of a Lion roaring which we were given .

Rev Liz Kitching has been at Wydale today taking the Lunchtime Communion and her theme was the strength and power of the Lion (of Judah ) too and the breaking of chains .

I persuaded spouse to come for a stroll this afternoon .We do the gentle route to the walled garden , once no doubt the kitchen garden , now  a tranquil rose garden, a Hardy geranium garden , a labyrinth and a rockery , plenty of seats and small summerhouses for contemplation . We love walking round the gardens maintained by others , and Ken is still doing sterling work here with just a few volunteers. Its a massive job for one man on the staff , grounds that would have had an army of staff once . I'm going to pray for more volunteers for the gardens at Wydale , nothing like plants for me to enhance my R and R. Plenty to enjoy here, Fragrant roses, just coming to bud and flower,  Lavenders , unusual shrubs and the bed of Siberian Irises at their best this week .
The trees are a statement in themselves , my favourite being the Sweet Chestnut next to a huge oak tree on the path  over the stile south of the grounds. I'm going out again tomorrow looking for the Treecreeper. In the walled garden a couple of birds were feeding young in a nest in a crevice in the blocked up door , but too quick for me to identify , blue tit sized but brown and grey  with white flashes, and no not sparrows!

Sweet Chestnut and Oak


Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Deep asleep , Deep asleep

So long ago now , our family break to Leyburn in April . I started a post and have just found the draft -too good not to post .
I had assumed my grandchildren would be captivated  by the legend of Semerwater, but they preferred mudlarking around.
No one fancied the trip to Bainbridge either with nerd Grandmother who wanted to see the Archimedes Screw , so I  had a delightful trip on the Little White Bus.
A close view was not possible without walking into a private garden so this was the best I could do . Believe me the Archimedes Screw is in centre of picture of the Bain falls.Keep watching, slight close up at end!!