Wednesday, October 05, 2011


I have read detective stories all my  novel life. I started  with  Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys, and seamlessly into Agatha Christie, Georgette Heyer and all points past Arthur Upfield to Henning Mankell and Donna Leon.
Marian my brass cleaning partner at St Os also is an avid reader and has given me a list of authors to try, including Alan Rustage and Mark Billingham and Veronica Healey. I will try them all. I don't like too much blood and gore or sex, so only just cope with Wallender, so Peter Robinson is out for me and Stieg Larsson will never be even tried . Filey Library has a huge section of  Crime novels. 

Ive just finished  The Help by Kathryn Stockett, not a crime novel, but so very good I shan't be able to read anything other than  a bit of light Crime for a few days until I have processed all its themes and implications. My sister says it is soon a film, so am glad to have read it first. Does the Cover picture tell you what the book is about, does it give any clues?

And what about these my faithful reader? Have you known me long enough to know what these are? Where are they going and what part do they play in my exciting life?


  1. Just as long as they're not cannabis your life should not get too exciting.

  2. Funny you should say that -last year something very like a cannabis came up next to the bird feeders- we kept it for as long as we dare!

    I must say I do miss smoking although my health is much better since I gave up all things roll your own.

  3. What grew from your birdseed was I'm fairly sure, Hemp Agrimony a member of the linen family.
    I also grew one (courtesy of bird distribution services dot com) and my next-door neighbour friend who is a policeman said it is a cousin of the cannabis plant, but merely a weed.
    I wouldn't recommend trying to smoke it!