Tuesday, October 18, 2011

MORE than just #cnmac

Make a few days of it we thought. Take up M's offer of using her Putney flat, get cheap deal with First Class +complimentary food on Hull Trains, get Netbook ,do #cnmac, factor in visit to progeny and aged aunt, try out a Sussex Premier Inn and blog it when home.
We did and I am.
Lovely to be back in our favourite part of London: south of the river, and Chelsea , lovely to have Peter Jones ,the Saatchi. Chelsea Physic Garden and the Kings Road  part of our Friday with a bus pass from Putney on the No 14. Oh! too  the 39 past the road where C was brought up , and the road where I coped with 3 under 5s with no Washing Machine. Great to be near Arding and Hobbs and the Junction and recall all these years of  teaching ,off the Northcote road . Its not changed very much , just gentrified and twee'd up . 

Installation at Saatchi !
I remember how  our dear Aunty Ann , who had worked at Morganite Carbon of Battersea from aged 14 to 60 spent her retirement years taking buses from the Junction (Clapham) to the termini of all the bus routes, Peckham Rye to Richmond on the 37 etc, etc. Well ,we were doing the same in a way, planning our sorties from Suburbia to make full use of the privileges of Age. 
Chelsea Physic garden has always been our treasure in Chelsea, especially as Colin can get in on his Friends  ticket when no one else is about, and we can feel it just belongs to us.
Chilli Theatre

Echium Wildpretii

Getting to #Cnmac11 was easy for us . The 14 bus to the  Royal Academy, then the 38 to Rosebery Avenue, Sorted.We knew we were going the right way and just followed all the young men with rucksacks and earnest faces.
It was great to meet our blogfather Simon Rudiger, now in Aylesbury, and put real faces to remembered Avatars. I have blogged about this on the Parish Blog.

# cnmac 11
Note to Daydreamer
I have seen Fr Cloake in the flesh and he looks just like his picture.


  1. It sounds as though you had a wonderful time Margaret. So glad it was everything you had hoped.
    I trust you will manage to survive having seen David Cloake 'in the flesh' as it were. Not an easy experience.
    Only joking, honestly!