Friday, October 28, 2011

Dear Daydreamer

I feel I must introduce myself to you. My name is Samson and I live with the Rowlings in Filey now. I used to live in the south , Brighton and then London. I really think you ought to get another feline companion. I have really improved the quality of life for THEM. They are much more rounded now THEY have me to care for. I reward them well with loving glances occasionally, and purring, and the odd baby sparrow or mouse. 

I am in HER bad books today because I rested on the table for a while. I like to see the coming and goings during half term as everyone is coming and going. 
I do write a letter home to my real owner Ben , most weeks.It is called Samson

 If you do get a new cat friend  I promise I will be HIS cyberfriend.

with best wishes from Samson Rowling 

1 comment:

  1. Dear Samson,
    I am honoured that you chose to put paw to keyboard for my sake. Many thanks.
    You are indeed a very beautiful fellow and your slaves must be very grateful for the chance to serve such a master.
    Should I once again become servant to a descendant of Ra, I will immediately ask my new employer to email you or otherwise contact you.