Friday, April 02, 2010

Guilt , Excuses or get it in preportion and wash the net curtain.

Some people must spend all their time cleaning, dusting and putting the Dyson round. Or, they can afford to pay a Treasure to do it.
I love Spring . I love all the seasons. Spring brings a lifting of the moods of those I live with.There are some downsides to Spring though , and I have known them all this week.
Firstly, the improved bright light shines up the finger marks on the doors in the sitting room, dining room , kitchen door , kitchen cupboards and front of the cooker.
Secondly the North wind doth blow and we shall have an awful mess in the garden. Such a lot to do!
Today is a very busy day ,I sit for three hours ,I sit for three hours and do nothing. I am supposed to sit for three hours and meditate on the events that are remembered today. Last year I sat and thought about Easter Sunday lunch, what time to put the Lamb in to time around Church,all very Passover but very much Sabbath Work. Then I thought through all the Good Fridays of my long ago Childhood still as yesterday.
  • The crosses at St James Sutton in Holderness all covered with purple velvet bag things
  • The altar frontals removed
  • Exciting breakfast of Hot Cross buns
  • one hour of the three hours with Mother ,on and on and on silence, boring
  • Fish Pie for Dinner
  • Jesus of Nazareth  on BBC
  • Shops all closed after mid-day
  • Father home from the Office
  •  no having fun
Then I thought of our trips to Israel March 08, March 09.  Like Phil Ritchie in his blog 'Phils Treehouse'  a trip to Israel informs all you write ever afterwards. All I think about Holy Week has taken on a new twist.  It is not the visits to endless basilicas and churches in  that special land.  They only for me have acted as windows to the Bible narratives.  It is the LAND. To have walked in the land where Jesus walked, died and rose again in a place where strife and bigotry , politics, evil , good, and the Love of God are still tangible is the most powerful aid to Good Friday thinking that I know.

After the 3 hour service of Quiet Meditation today I am still busy. I might wash my net curtain in the sitting room tomorrow, I might make a Simnel cake , I might dig my trench for my Sweet Peas. I will be helping to decorate the church for Easter, the greenery is cut, and conditioning outside the back door in a bucket  and drinking up the water (from the lamb covered  chalk hills of the Yorkshire Wolds). I am already thinking about whether I will listen to 'St Johns Passion' on Radio 3 tonight.

Busy , Busy , Busy mind.
Here is the challenge

I am going to sit for 3 hours, quietly and prayerfully, stay awake (I dropped off at Filey Methodists Meditation in Song last Sunday), How will I do it? God Knows .

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  1. Anonymous2.4.10

    Margaret, Love the post today. I quote you on my blog from this post. God be with you this day and in the days ahead. Jim