Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fulfilling a dream

Last year we went  on a Parish outing to visit  the gardens and Brewery of Hunmanby Grange, home of award winning Wold Top Beer. 
I have known these gardens since they were first opened to the public , and to my gardening mind they are an absolute joy and inspiration. Archdruid Eileen would feel at home in them , as the landscape around them is pure first farmers , and the gardens are as up to date as Eileens apps were.
Now you all know I yearn for an iphone3GS, an iMac  or even the latest iphoto app but you do not know that I have dreamt of having some mushroom compost, as my children yearned for every Smurf, Pokeman and My Little Pony. I have not dreamed of having Processed Mushroom compost from a Garden Centre , sterile and clean in a neat plastic sack with air holes and advertised on Band Q flyers, or praised by Alys Fowler.  I have yearned for spent compost ,because it is not really spent at all just tired , wanting a rest in my garden before it pays out for its final fling.
I have kept this thought  . I keep bringing it  to my mind, I mulch the thought with my dreams of perfect peonies, of  Echiums 17'high again, and of our mushroom , Paneer and pea curry.

Today was the DAY.  Yes! said Colin , I will come with you-if we go now! That was after the phonecall revelation that it was 50 p a bag , bring your own sacks and shovels. Easy!
My best trip  this year so far, 3km From home as the crow flies . Another lane, I do lanes rather well now.
And the newly planted Potato fields-that's another Post............

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