Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Archdruid Eileen

How very clever -to know when to go.  Just when dependency has linked us.
My friend @wilbaric thought I was following a dubious site at first, so clever were her wheels within wheels.  I persuaded him she was as clever as Monty Python, as subtle as Piltdown Man, as well as being more popular amongst the discerning blog readers than The Churchmouse or Cranmer who are clever but not funny , and Deep Church who is so clever I don't understand it, and Bible in Broad Strokes who is clever and funny but hasn't done a post since January.(  I hope he is OK , we have enjoyed his take on the OT, in Filey)
So a fond farewell. I am lighting a tea light outside the back door, and showing you all a photo of the landscape inhabited by a Class 2 henge called Maidens Bower near Burton Fleming , just up the road from here. Nothing , like the Archdruid , is to be seen. It unlike her has been ploughed out.  She no doubt will reappear like the fantastic new Dr Who and we will all recognise it is SHE.

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