Sunday, January 01, 2012

Its a good time for Bittermints..

Bendicks  are definitely the best. The members of the  Homegroup that meets  in our home gave us a huge festive bag of  gourmet Christmas foods, including a box of these mints. 

What a great time we've had. This has been the busiest few weeks I have had for many years, all children , partners and progeny  and assorted aged ones have been coming and going here . I have made Yorkshire Pudding with Turkey gravy, as a separate course , by request , 3 times. I have washed what seemed like every towel and pillowcase I possess twice. No dusting has been done , I am so sensible, and cover every available flat surface with gaudy trash and artificial poinsettas making cleaning impossible until 12th night.
Today was my last day of doing  happy hostess. On Christmas day I made life easy by not doing Turkey but doing 1/2 Chicken breasts with bacon round, but I still managed to forget to put on my best top and appeared at table still with apron and no lipstick . My collection of small children who love Grandma because she lets them go on miniclip do not eat mints . They say they are spiky (spicy). C and I have eaten  the rest of the box. They are such adult mints, delicious and good for ones digestion.  We kept them to last ,as aged parent gave us Thorntons Mint selection (all went Christmas Day) and clever Arty Son gave us Marks and Spencer Marzipan Mint Selection (all went Boxing Day). 

 The hit food this Christmas has been Beetroot (Raw and grated , and covered with horseradish sauce and mayo, thanks to Hairy Bikers I think). Today plain bread and butter , that staple of my 50s childhood is once again tempting the palates of small children who are all stollened out. By 7 oclock everyone had gone home, as a Disney Nothing finished and C and I fell asleep in the sitting room . We  came round to Eastenders, with a remarkably hale and hearty looking Pat dying of cancer , wearing earings and support for her bust under her night gown.  This woke us right up.  BUT it made me think. 

How easy it would be to fall out with those who are our  relatives.  I know 2 people  who have children and do not know whether they are alive or dead, they have not communicated for many years.   Many of us have relatives who are difficult and awkward. (Many of us are difficult and awkward ourselves). This whole season just reminds one of the stress that just coping with relationships may bring. Pat was reconciled with David before she died, but that was just fiction. Eastenders is not real, but its exaggerated reality  won a ratings war.  I don't DO resolutions. I do  DO Thank Gods . 
Here are my recent ones
  • Thank God I managed to keep my mouth closed most of the time and did not upset my children
  • Thank God I was honest  and did not pretend that I was not tired when I was 
  • Thank God that I managed to hear the Archers Omnibus ( I was going to pray for Pat and Tony then I realised they are not real)
  • Thank you God that all my children said 'It was our best Christmas Ever!'
  • Thank God that I realised that I do have to pray for the gift of FAITH for Sir Terry.  


  1. Glad to hear you survived all that in one piece. Such stamina!
    I do so agree about Bendicks Bittermints. I love them and am completely addicted to them. So much so that they are part of my staple diet.
    Have gone for 2 weeks without any so am looking forward to my first 'normal' shop of the year.
    Haven't heard The Archers since my Sunday mornings became otherwise occupied.
    What is happening to Pat and Tony?
    Oh and Happy New year, by the way.

  2. Pat and Tony have found out they have a grandson , that John(who died ) was the father. I try to hear the Archers as I clear up in the evening after supper. The Omnibus is much better so only get it when hiding from 'church', though could pick it up on BBC iplayer anytime for up to a week after Sunday but forget!!

    As for Stamina -I have only just got up(9.30) -just slept on for once , a real treat for an insomniac. XXX

  3. I think I should echo some of those thank you s . My main thank you is for this lovely four legged companion who has kept me company thro the quiet days when the family have gone home and friends are busy with there families . We walked miles today , the sun was shining , the hills white with snow and a good companion . Quiet contentment !!! Home a bit muddy though !

  4. You obviously had a lovely, if tiring, Christmas, Margaret. My DH loves chocolate mints, especially After Eights, and can get through a whole box far faster than is good for him. :-)

    I'm an Archers fan who hardly ever listens to it, but instead gets an email summary every day. Saves a lot of time and keeps me in touch.