Monday, January 23, 2012

A quiet night at the Renaissance St Pancras

Well not actually in it , but across the road in the Youth Hostel. I will have to post the photos later  as I have not yet worked out how to upload the photos from my phone to this netbook. 
Ill talk you through it-we are having Continental breakfast on the ground floor of ST Pancras Youth Hostel. The room is full of the over 6os and only earnest young people with their parents .Outside the window the working world is going to its working world. The traffic has been going all night, but quietly through the double glazing. Our room is ensuite and double. The shower is better than in a Boutique Hotel. Thank God I remembered we needed to bring our own towels. C is thrilled that we found the shaver point hidden in the light fitting.
So our view across the road to the newly restored (starting@£190) St Pancras Hotel is great, the sun shines on every restored brick and remodelled window . But I think , and Sir Gilbert Scott and Sir John Betjeman would agree with me that you cant beat the view of it from our YHA window.
I am working out how to get inside the renaissance Dream and have a look.. Mother used to tell me never to use WCs in  PCs but always ask for the Powder Room in City Centre Hotels, this might work, but more likely is to go and just have a coffee in it init.
London's Macclesfield Street today

and a very Happy New Year to my neighboursat the Gold River


  1. It sounds like you are having a wonderful trip, Margaret, and I look forward to seeing the photos.

  2. I agree with you completely about the view. £190 really is an unthinkable price to stay in the middle of a view instead of being able to enjoy it virtually free.
    It is a wonderful building isn't it?
    Like Perpetua can't wait to see what it looks like these days.

  3. Interesting that there is a Macclesfield street in China town because of course Macclesfield was a silk town .Love the view . Have you got a photo of John Betjeman ? Love the movement of the statue . You could start a collection ,along with Philip Larkin . Now David has been done , whats next on the agenda ? Quick look at King Copetua ?

  4. Mother could regale the story for weeks if her daughter had taken coffee in the great St Pancreas hotel ? Perhaps the powder room option may be cheaper . They wouldn't have a turnstile that takes £1 coins , would they ????? !!!!!

  5. Been to the Grayston Perry today Sue, but the highlight of the day was the exhibition of photographs of the British landscape at the National Theatre. My feet are so tired I have slippers on in the public rooms of this Youth Hostel.