Friday, January 06, 2012

Good place to be

I was crabby and bad tempered yesterday and I'm afraid my family got the brunt of it. Small boys took cover as the verbals escaped, son in law asked if 'I wanted a brew?' daughter bought me some flowers and husband got out the Madeira Cake.  Those of you who sleep badly will understand my mood, as 4 nights of wakefulness combined with the anxiety of being asked to be in charge of Flowers at St Oswalds erupted into a sort of mania. 
I am over it now, as I took myself down to the front to see the expected Floods and High Tide which had been retweeted by everyone with # hashtag fever. 

There was nothing of course, a bit of a swell, a lovely light after showers, a rainbow over the Brigg , and joy followed as son in law brought car down to fetch me, no questions, no angst , just care. The views and harsh wind and fresh air and time alone with God had done their deep ruach through me  .

I have just got back from St Johns , and my weekly get together with my Prayer Partners. Calm again, and ready to proceed, Flowers  no worries, and I had a great nights  sleep  . 


  1. Oh endless empathy!
    Doesn't just one decent night make a difference?
    Amazing really, since scientists don't seem to understand why we need sleep.
    Fabulous sea picture by the way.

  2. My sympathies, Margaret. It's horrible when you can't sleep properly. I normally sleep reasonably well, but my recent bad cough meant I was very short of sleep for days and was just as grouchy and bad-tempered as you describe. So glad your time alone with nature and God cleared things for you and you could sleep.

  3. Can picture it all ! Especially husband and madeira cake !!!!! But fresh air and the cobble landing and the sea was a good move .
    I couldn't sleep last night and then nodded off in a quiet time ! Nearly late for work !