Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Insomnia 4

Echiums  Burton Agnes

These Echiums look how I feel, able to see out  and feel the cold but wanting to be in Madeira .

Saatchi  March 2009


  1. Poor Margaret, and poor little echiums, they look like small spooks waiting for daylight to wake them.
    Insomnia does tend to emphasise the bleaker aspects of Winter doesn't it?
    At least, as my mother used to say, "Today is Winter Solstice, the shortest day, from tomorrow it starts to get lighter".
    Ever the optimist and no scientist she really believed that the 22nd was better than the 21st.
    And....sometimes she was right.

  2. Yes thanks Ray, Colins father used to remark that 'we had turned a corner'.Managed to get back to sleep at 3 and slept til 8 so that is good. Moving beds now so sons mother- in -law can sleep in dining room as she cant do lots of stairs. Thanking God for big house and a blind eye to dust and cobwebs.
    I agree with your mother and I am a scientist by training but my mood definitely improves with the solstice over ! There are snowdrops out in a front garden around the corner from here. x

  3. Snowdrops in my garden too.Penstemons still flowering in Sheffield Botanic Garden .