Saturday, December 10, 2011

Simple Pleasures

It was a joy to walk back from Tescos  this evening. I say evening , it was dark before 4 so 5.30 seemed like evening. I'm not a lover of Shopping. I like looking at the shelves groaning with plenty and thinking 'I don't need any of that!' as I pass 20 varieties of ham and 15 different Washing Powders all claiming to do the same thing. Actually OPTION EXCESS as it is known , must seem obscene to those who have spent any time in the 3rd World  where 1 variety of soap is a luxury and just meat occasionally  a real treat.  

I'm not going to go on about   being blessed with Plenty  and Choice, it brings with it other sorts of stress, unknown in the 3rd world.  Neither am I appalled that seeing Magnums at 2 packs for £3 , and then buying 4 packs was a moment of weakness. The weakness will pay dividends when I find a quick and luxurious  dessert for  12  on Boxing Day. What's more they can remain in the freezer and not waste if not wanted until New Years Day. Last year my raspberry (from our own garden)and Sherry Trifle (no Jelly)  was not wanted for several days after Boxing Day, and had to be eaten before the Custard disintegrated.

This post is not about anything related to SHOPPING really. Its about the sheer joy of walking around an almost empty supermarket , with no ghastly musak , where I got just what I wanted for Birthday Dinner tomorrow, and a walk home loving the full moon lighting up the buildings in the night. 

Filey Methodist Church


  1. Yes, the quiet little pleasures are the best, aren't they, Margaret?

  2. Nice atmospheric post Margaret, and what lovely, slightly spooky pictures.
    I must say it is almost worth putting up with the hard frost at night to see a wonderful full moon and a sky full of stars.

  3. Just filling up with petrol and on my way for a Magnum !!!!