Friday, September 09, 2011


For nearly 60 years the beginning of September always meant for me the going back to school. Now I love it because I don't have to go back to school ever again.
I don't have to spend every evening working on Smart Board programmes for my Maths Lessons, ransacking the house for that bit of material I knew would be useful one day if I could remember where I had put it or being so tired I couldn't even remember where I'd put the car .

I leave it all to the next generations. Today youngest grandchild started school.

I have all  worked hard during the Summer. I have played Yo! Ho! Ho! and walked the plank ,  found Miniclip  and Moshi Monsters and policed the Pc. I had a hairy moment last week when R managed to rotate the online display on the laptop screen by 90 degrees. It happens all the time apparently when the arrow keys are mis-hit  during juvenile gaming . I had to move R upstairs and allow him on the Mac. I had banked on 30 minutes of time to sew his PE bag.

Colin and I had a great trip on the train with both boys to Hull last week, that City on the East Coast that is my birthplace. 
Pedestrianised streets are a godsend for carers of wild small boys. The updated Streetlife Museum , an hour of tearing around and pressing all the buttons and climbing on everything that did not bear a warning notice was much enjoyed. 

I don't think Philip Larkin would have liked the way HCC allowed the statue of him in  Paragon Station to be put up. John Betjeman at St Pancras he is not. *

We all did like the free  Table Tennis tables in the Nelson Mandela  Gardens. That gave C and I  30 minutes of peace and quiet to eat our packed lunch.

My Grandfathers Tram

The boys were not really impressed with the Tram Model built under their great -great grandfathers supervision. It didn't do anything, and they couldn't open anything or climb on anything.

The Hockney's Bigger Trees near Warter just didnt work in Ferens Art Gallery. It was far to big for the space. It would have looked Good in the City Hall. I'm glad I went to see it in the RA in 2009. (looking forward to to the exhibition in the RA starting on 21st January). His Yorkshire landscapes are all painted  near here, and on my drive to Beverley  across the Wolds I see all his trees and fields and hedges.

Back to the Quiet Life then. Schools Back!

* Colin says when he was at Liverpool Station yesterday there were statues of Ken Dodd and  a middle aged woman with a hat_just  Googled it -Bessie Braddock.

#HULL CITY OF CULTURE 17 of course it will be!

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