Friday, November 05, 2010

Insomnia Blog 2

My mind is still swimming with the brain activity of the day.  The social stimulating spiritual  event of the week is over. I may put my sad life back in its boring box and wait until the day dawns and I remember it is the day of my next reading group. 
 Is that it?
Is Tweetdeck my best friend?
 I am waiting around in the hope of sleep and some sunshine remembering a day where a PCC meeting was the highlight? 
 If I name drop people like William Fittall will I suddenly become vicariously famous ?
 Are we having Kedgeree for supper  this evening ? 
Will Rev Dr Lesley Fellows become a bishop? 
Does  Archdruid Eileen like Parkin? 
Why do my children think I am a bit down? 
Why can't Filey have some decent classes on Archaeology or Art Appreciation?
Will a bowl of Rice Crispies Help?

Will anyone notice if all the Anglican Christians in the world start worshipping God for a change and reading their bibles?

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  1. Anonymous7.11.10

    That sounds so like me ! Dropped everything, dashed off to Sheffield, life full of activity and then home and back in my box til Wednesday when I trot off to Northampton. but altho I didnt get to the Lakes this weekend as planned, I had lots of toothy smiles and walks in beautiful tree lined parks. Back in the box is good to catch your breath !