Friday, November 12, 2010

I got an Echium through the winter

This years Echium Pininana seedlings about to brave the Filey winter.
The newish  Facebook Platform for groups has defeated me. For 3 years now I have enjoyed interacting with people all over Europe with my group 'We got an Echium through the winter'. I just cant work out how to access it or add my latest pictures to it , even though I have filled in all the relevant 'this is my group ' dialogue boxes. So I am just going to have to post my pictures here on Bridteacher, and send a message to everyone  . 

I will try again to find it next time I am upstairs on the Mac. At the moment I should be getting food cooked for Parish Sundae, but  got sidetracked on to Twitter in the sitting  room . It was only the work of a moment on the laptop to upload a few pictures of my Echiums  before the frosts take them out.  This year I have not weeded any seedlings out , in the hope that I will indeed get one through the winter.

Note to self
E.Lusitanicum , E. pininana x wildpretii , E.fastuosum  All in garden

E.russicum in flower,E. fastuosum 

In Greenhouse

E.pininana x wildpretii
E.Boissieri-Ist Year
E.Pininana x wildpretii

Yet to flower-E.Boissieri,(yr1) E. fastuosum(yr3) E.italicum (yr1)


  1. Anonymous20.11.10

    Now I have about 10 very healthy echy things in the ground, sheltering with a fence behind them and 3 echy things in pots.Do I protect them with fleece ? Do I put the potted ones in a greenhouse?
    Its a big responsibility !!!

  2. They are tender and you take a chance. So I put fleece on some, put some in Greenhouse and leave others. Last year none survived outside. The year before several did, some in fleece died and some survived, as did some with no fleece!! At Chelsea Physic Garden they put fleece on and lost lots last year. We are near the sea in NE Yorkshire so its milder than inland. If you live in the SW you have a better chance.