Monday, November 29, 2010

Westminster Central Library again

The system works brilliantly.  The librarians are trained  to deal caringly with the likes of me. I sort of remembered how to log on and book a space for  time on a pc. I have my laptop at the flat but cant pick up any wifi spouse walks on quickly when I spot a Starbucks and remarks that coffee is not good for him, so I dont bother carry the heavy thing around, the Toshiba I mean.  I have dropped so many hints about Macbooks and Iphone4s.
This system working brilliantly involves just membership of this library, and remembering to bring my card with me at all London times, so it is next to my bus pass which is next to my heart in my Paramo. Spouse is sitting right next to me  but at the other side of a glass panel inthe Reference section.  He is lovely and warm. It is cold by town standards.
I have checked my Google Doc which tells me of the progress of our Parish Online Advent calendar on the Filey Parish Blog. I now know that I dont have to agonize over the postings for the first week , as my co-workers have updated the Doc and we are ready to go on December 1st.

Spouse is happy now , we have got out a DVD. It is called Legion. We were able to get it out on  My ticket as well for £2.50-much cheaper than Harry Potter at the Chelsea Cineworld. So he, spouse of course can follow up his love of the book The Fall by Wendy Alec, which he thought was a brilliant book, and I feel happy as I have caught up with my online  life. All happy then, I just have to check the twitter traffic, and my e mails, He is happy, I am happy and we are on with the rest of the day with our bus passes and free maps.

So please DO NOT SHUT LIBRARIES -they are helping in keeping my life running efficently , and adding to my WELLBEING.

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