Thursday, March 19, 2015

Update with nespresso machine

For many years I have not drunk instant coffee. I only have one cup of coffee a day, we are really tea people in our house, ordinary old fashioned PG tips or Yorkshire Tea . We are not connoisseurs. I dont care if its from  teabag as long as its strong. Coffee however is a  different story. I like coffee made from ground beans, ground myself , or strength 4 or 5 FairTrade Columbian ready ground for preference. I do understand that fashions come and go. I still have to learn how the new trend is for the cold filter of water through the coffee. Somehow I dont think #cafechurchfiley is quite ready for that. Its barely got used to non instant coffee anyway .

An aside. I have lived in Filey for nearly 25 years  and rarely had 'coffee out' until the last 2 years when I have been wont to meet dear friend from Burton Joyce . I have tried all the coffee shops now. We usually go to the Bistro for the ambience, which suits us both. For coffee however I like it from the shack/van parked outside T---- supermarket . I always pick one up en route to station before going to Beverley . Kaths tea at the station is great  too when Michelle is not with her shack, but neither open early enough for me . To be fair , Ive just found that the coffee in Pitstop is good , and she is open at 8am. The punters of Filey are all moaning that a Costa or a Cafe Nero might come to the new site where the Police Station was. If they serve their usual great coffee and open at 8am I will be picking up my coffee for the train there. Ive tried all the coffee shops near the station in Beverley for my return journeys, or somewhere to hang out at 8am before going to mother for  free wifi ,Cafe Nero is the business , opposite  M& S near my bus stop. It has atmosphere, a reward card and like Michelle, really good coffee, 

I am in Hull as I write this, en route to London, on our much delayed business trip . C and I have stayed in Mercure Royal. I've known the hotel all my life, but as the Station Hotel. It was here that 60 years ago my mother would meet my Aunty Mabel , in from Withersea on by train, for coffee. It was here that I took my first coffee out alone , sitting in the Lounge salon watching the world go by . Mother always told me it was the place to use the Powder Room , but I should always take coffee as well , not to take advantage. In the 60s it was an old fashioned place to take coffee as a young adult, but one basked in the charm of it. The Coffee came Silver plated Coffee pots, with a smaller pot of hot milk and another of boiling water and a little dish of brown sugarand 4 biscuits on a plate. This was so different from the boiled milk and Camp we had at home . It seemed very grown up and expensive. (Fields was THE place to go, but often too full for a seat).

So too for my thoughts on the George Clooney machine in our room . It took me 1 wasted  capsule to work out how to use it, but the Expresso was good, but not as good as Rosellas in Bella Italia .

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