Friday, January 17, 2014

Good to be back

Well I've  stopped doing new posts on the Filey Parish I am only re-posting the most popular posted items from the last 6 years  .I am updating the diary of course , but just waiting until Hazel  takes over as webmistress for Filey Parish with a smart newlook website. I can get back to being me . Here I am not having to answer to anyone but God and my discerning husband ,and thus can say what I like about Filey Parish and Filey  without the loyalty that defines a job for an organisation.
 I am hanging on by a thread to the C of E .  @ABCJustin came just in time for me and I will stick it out a little longer with a leader I trust.
You all know that for 2 years now I have been made into an expert  of sorts on Geriatrica, Gall stones and grumbling . I am making a real effort now to recapture the rest of my life.

This is a first . I am scribing this post on the train going to London. A first because I'm using my supermarket Tablet. I cannot find the way to highlight the text and justify it. Please excuse the alignment, its not what I like or learned to do on the courses on Text Processing I struggled through 12 years ago .Now I have become a Grumpy Old Woman. I look at other peoples websites,posts and paper articles and want to edit them ,update them ,make them look more attractive. So giving you this less than perfect post in the visual sense  is made bearable by my having to explain  its faults  to you be cause of my insecurity.

I'm alone in my travels today ,and just using prebooked tickets  when the circumstances  for the journey have altered. Beloved will celebrate my 2 day absence by cooking just what he likes. The poor man has had a diet of no fat since May and is probably craving pastry and buttered toast. I notice that a Fray Bentos pie in a tin has moved forward on the pantry shelf. I've just had an East Coast Mainline complimentary Jacket Potato with chilli ,welcome ,delicious and with out the butter was fine .
Tomorrow I am going to an exhibition of one of my all time ,long time,favourite artists - Alan Sorrell. I'll tell you what I think tomorrow.
best  i can do  for PIC till I get the hang of this tablet 


  1. Anonymous17.1.14

    Hi Margaret!
    It has been a while. Good to read your words no matter how they look on my computer screen!
    God bless you!


  2. Welcome back Margaret, with or without the gall-stone updates.
    It's good to know you are back in Margaret Mode again. It will be interesting to see how your enforced absence has affected your style.

  3. Hello 2 old cyber friends!